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The Top 10 Benefits to Owning a Swim Spa

Swim spa

A swim spa is one of the best options you could make in your lifetime. You can enjoy it throughout the year from the privacy of your backyard. It can also socialise when you share it with friends. One of the great things about owning a swim spa is the health benefits. Once you’ve got

3 pool design trends that will inspire your new pool

As with all things, trends come and go. Pool designs have come a long way since the advent of private swimming pool, which owners installed in some part of the home. Pools today are no longer designed following the recurring, cookie-cutter moulds of days past where everyone’s pool was either rectangular or, after the late

Best pool test strips – How to use them properly

Testing strips

The joy a pool can give a homeowner makes the installation worth it, but maintaining a pool does require some work. One thing you need to do is have your water tested regularly by checking pH levels, alkalinity, calcium content, and combined chlorine. You will need to find the best pool test strips to check

How to get expert pool service in Upland

Pool service in Upland

Cleaning the water and the surroundings of your pool is essential since you are swimming in it every now and then (you can find more about swimming in a pool here). Maintenance is needed from time to time so that you are swimming in clear, clean, and refreshing water. Hiring professionals to clean your pool

6 tips for choosing the best pool repair company

swimming pool

Caring for your swimming pool ensures that it’s a safe place for friends and family to come together for water fun. Unclean pool water poses risks to the health of anyone who uses the pool. Sadly, many pool owners feel that upkeep of the pool is difficult or too time-consuming and forego the important services

5 incredible reasons to build your own swimming pool

swimming pool

Gone are those days when swimming pools are considered as luxury, found at Hollywood celebrity homes. According to a survey, there are around 8 million residential pools alone in America. Swimming is considered the best exercise and it doesn’t require heavy equipment and gears. It holds no age barrier making it a perfect activity for

Tips for removing algae from swimming pool tiles and grout

swimming pool tiles

Sometimes, life might get in the way of your regular pool cleaning activities. If neglected for too long, swimming pools can get infested by little spores of algae that grow into a serious menace. Algae can grow in any conducive environment in a matter of hours, days, or weeks. If you notice the slimy nuisance

5 luxurious pool trends from a gunite pool builder

luxury swimming pool

Many homeowners believe no landscape is complete without a swimming pool. These versatile features can be used for exercise, play, and relaxation in equal measure and contribute a great deal to the aesthetic of a landscape design. If you’re going for luxury in your summer landscaping, it’s essential that you incorporate the same theme into