3 pool design trends that will inspire your new pool

As with all things, trends come and go. Pool designs have come a long way since the advent of private swimming pool, which owners installed in some part of the home. Pools today are no longer designed following the recurring, cookie-cutter moulds of days past where everyone’s pool was either rectangular or, after the late 1940s, kidney-shaped. Pool design trends have been moving steadily towards more unique styles, where people are no longer afraid to experiment and try new things.

Different pool designs appeal to other people and serve equally diverse purposes for those who chose to go with a particular trend. These trends, more than pool designs, no matter the variety currently available, seem to have become the premier drivers of what the overall look of the pool will be.

Let us explore some of this year’s more popular pool design trends.

Integrated Spas

The popularity of spas has been growing steadily over the last few years. They were initially an optional addition to having a pool, but at some point, people began to consider both as a single entity. If a person wanted to get a pool, it also became more and more popular to have a spa installed.

This trend has now shifted to creating one single body of water that contains both the pool and spa. The spa is now built within the pool so that a seamless blend is made between both entities. Since spas have hot water and pool water is usually cold, walls, tiling, and specific plumbing are used to maintain proper separation.

This design trend has proven to be a popular option, especially among those whose homes are built in a more modern style with clean, minimalistic aesthetics.

Cocktail Pools

Cocktail pools are the answer to those who would like to have a pool area that is primarily used for entertaining but do not have the space to accommodate a full-sized pool. Cocktail pools are small. They are rarely larger than 400 feet. Their diminutive size allows for a comfortable fit in smaller or irregularly shaped yards.

Despite their size, cocktail pools still offer owners an opportunity to create spectacular show spaces with luxurious add-ons and awe-inspiring effects. Some owners add jets, seating areas and water features to their cocktail pools to stunning results. Others still add heating options so that the pool can double as a spa area.

Sun Shelves

Many pools have ledges as part of their design. Taking the ledge design one step further so that they are larger and more platforms like but remain a shallower part of the pool creates what is now known as sun shelves. These can be used in a novel manner. Loungers are placed in the pool but on the shelf, creating a space where one can lie down and enjoy the unique experience of sunning themselves while remaining in the cool confines of the swimming pool.

Sun shelves have presented an outlook whose popularity keeps growing. Who knows? Maybe they will become as commonplace as integrated spas.

Creating a unique pool is not as daunting as it once was. Using your knowledge of current trends, you may be well on your way to having a pool design that will be the talk of the town. You may even set a new trend!