Considering a DIY home improvement project? Ask yourself these 5 questions before you start

home improvement project

Do it yourself projects can be everything from fun and rewarding to frustrating and a downright disaster. When it’s the former, you can stand back and take a look at your hardwork and know you saved a dollar or two by taking on the task for yourself. If it’s the latter, then the end result ends up being more of a home degrade than an actual improvement. At the end of projects like that, you think to yourself, maybe I should’ve let a professional take care of it.

So whether you’re looking to improve your roofing or shingles, or something even large like a full addition to your home, ask yourself these 4 questions to avoid the regret of a failed DIY home project.

How Intricate and Complicated is the Project?

The complexity of the project should be a big factor when deciding whether or not to take on the endeavour on your own. The more complicated a project, the more time you’re likely going to have to spend on it. So what you’re really asking yourself is whether you can commit to the project if it means you’ll be working all weekend on it, as well as in the evenings after work. If you have the free time, then by all means, go for it! But if you’re going to be putting in the time and effort, and if there is a chance the project doesn’t turn out well in the end, then you might have just wasted a serious amount of your own time and energy only do end up bringing a professional in to clean things up.

Do I Have the Skills Necessary to Complete this Project?

If you can commit to the time it will take to complete the project, then the next question you should be asking is whether or not you have the skills necessary to complete the task. Make sure you’re honest with yourself when you consider this question. If you have even a little doubt, consider calling up a professional to take care of the project. Sure, there is nothing wrong with challenging yourself when it comes to a project, and if you have to be comfortable with the risks associated with failure to complete the project in a proper manner. Which brings us to the next question…

What Are the Risks Associated With This Project?

This is a very important question to ask yourself before you get started. Make sure that you are thorough when considering all the risks. For example, Manomin Resawn Timbers warns if you’re installing wood floors, some of the risks may be that the racking isn’t right or that you didn’t put enough nails. For the most part, this issues can be remedied and aren’t harmful to you or the home. But if you’re considering a plumbing or electrical job on your own, only do so if you are very experienced, as you may not only cause damage to your home, but also yourself.

How Much Will It Cost to Hire a Professional to Do the Job?

Is it worth doing a project on your own if you have more than enough funds to outsource it to a professional? That’s totally up to you. However, make sure that you do consider the cost of hiring a professional, as sometimes the price may be cheaper than you expected. Also, taking into consideration all the prior questions, and then factoring in the price as well, the decision should be quite clear for you. Once again, make sure that you’re honest with yourself about skillset and the risks associated with the job.