Creative ways to keep your house warm this winter

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Canadian winter is one of the most severe winters not only in North America, but globally. With the help of value added services such as the installation of standard insulation to keep you warm, the long and severe Canadian winter should be less of a problem for you. The following is a list of some of the most creative ways that can keep you safe and warm during the winter period.

Reflect the Heat

One of the easiest ways of keeping your house warm is by using radiator panels to reflect any form of heat produced within your house. The good thing about these panels is that they are cheap and easy to install. Apart from this, they ensure that any heat produced in the house by the radiators effectively warms the house and not the walls.


Avoid Losing Heat Via the Chimney

Though kitchen chimneys have been designed to emit heat and smoke from the house, did you know that you can use them to preserve heat and warm up your house? Many homeowners nowadays have a chimney for decorative purposes. As a point of advice, if you are not using your chimney to emit smoke from your fireplace, it is advisable to consider the use of a chimney balloon.

Use Curtains

During the daytime when the sun is up, you can open the curtains to let the sun’s warmth into your house. On the other hand, during the night when the sun has set, close your curtains to preserve the daytime heat. Curtains usually act as insulators to preserve heat in your house.


Block The Draughts

Draughts or openings present in your house can also play a crucial role in determining the warmth of your house. If there are cracks and holes that let the weather in, you can use rubber-oriented self-adhesive seals to seal any draughts around your windows or doors. These adhesives are generally cheap and easy to install.

Cover Floorboards

Bare floors have been associated with cold in most homesteads. As a matter of fact, more than 10% of the heat is lost through uncovered floors. Carpets play a crucial role in helping to insulate the floors and prevent the loss of heat.

Install Thermostatic Radiator Valves

You can automatically monitor the heat in your house by using automated thermostatic radiator valves. With the radiator valves, you can program the time at which you will heat and cool your house. The good thing about the thermostatic valves is the fact that you can remotely control them using your smartphone regardless of whether you are at home or not.

Various companies based in Canada usually offer value added services such as repairing an old furnace and making it work like magic – if you need tips for taking care of your appliances and especially your furnace, there are lots of great companies and resources out there. The good thing about choosing a local company to work on your furnace is the fact that such companies have qualified technicians with years of experience. Apart from this, just in case the thermostat breaks down in the middle of the night, dedicated companies can come to your rescue thanks to their 24/7 support line!