Companion planting made easy

companion planting

You want everything you plant to flourish to the best of its ability. You want blousy heads on your dahlias, an abundant harvest in the vegetable beds and beautiful lush fruit crops from your bushes.

There are many ways to help plants flourish, from feeds to fertilisers, to rich, homemade compost. But what if there was another way?

Give Companion Planting a Try

companion planting

Companion planting is ‘matching’ plants that work well together to create a mini-ecosystem all of their own. For example, growing horseradish alongside your potato crops keeps pests that eat the tubers at bay.

But, if you get the mix wrong, the results can be a less than pleasing harvest as plants attempt to outgrow and outdo each other.

And this is why you need this comprehensive and complete Guide to Companion Planting. It highlights the many benefits of planting similar plants together in your flower beds, allotment, borders and fruit trees as well as listing which plants work well together (and which mix of plants to avoid too!).

companion planting

A Bumper Harvest

Better still, to get a bumper harvest this season, you don’t need expensive tools and fertilisers. You just need the right mix of plants in your border and your allotment. Take a closer look!