Key tips on removing stains around your drain

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There are many challenges in maintaining a bathroom or kitchen so that it looks clean and spotless. Accumulating dirt and stains is inevitable, especially since some of your facilities are constantly exposed to moisture and can collect mold and bacteria over time.

Among other possible areas, the bathroom and kitchen are the ones prone to stains, making the sink and drain appear unsanitary. Whether this is a business place, or even if it’s just your home, it is displeasing to see a messy sink or dingy bathtub drains¾and can be a source of embarrassment when you have guests. Keeping this is mind, it is essential that you are diligent in keeping your kitchen and bathroom well-kept and looking clean. It can be a challenge, but the good news here is that there are easy ways to remove stains from your kitchen and bathroom drains. It’s time to stop worrying and read on¾these tips will help you in keeping your place impeccable and flawless.

  1. For a quick clean, try hydrogen peroxide. If you are dealing with tough stains, chances are normal cleansers won’t do the trick. If the surface you are cleaning is not acrylic, and you are trying to get rid of some rust and other heavy stains, hydrogen peroxide works best. This is the fastest way to get your drains cleaned¾provided that it will not damage any surface of your sink. That said, it is important to know what material you’re applying it on. By using hydrogen peroxide, the stains will disappear in a flash. However, if you prefer a less abrasive approach, here is tip number two.
  2. The wonders of vinegar. Depending on the material, you also have the option to use natural or organic cleansers. This is suitable for sinks that are quite sensitive to harsh chemicals and other abrasive cleansers. White vinegar is an exceptional solution that you probably already have at home. You can directly pour it around your drain or fill a spray bottle and sprinkle it during cleaning time. Make sure to pour or sprinkle generously on the area and leave it for an hour or two so that the vinegar has ample time to work. This will generally obliterate mold and other discolorations that can easily be wiped off once the vinegar has taken effect. The stain will get dissolved as you try to scrub it off. In addition, lemons are another effective agent that can provide a fresh smell too.
  3. Go for the power of baking soda. If you are still having trouble cleaning some spots, baking soda will be of great help in cleaning your drain to the fullest. Just sprinkle a liberal amount onto the vinegar while it saturates. The advantage of using this natural cleaning agent is that it works practically the same way as other abrasive cleansers, not to mention, it also does great in deodorizing unpleasant odors.
  4. Scrub away. To achieve total cleanliness, you may need to use sponges, cleaning towels, and brushes. Upon allowing to soak in vinegar/lemon and baking soda, mold and dirt should simply be wiped away with little to no difficulty. For best result, you can scrub by performing regular back and forth stroking motions until the stubborn stain finally comes off.
  5. Get a scouring screen. This is a highly abrasive tool, and you may need to scrub stains away more gently. It is very effective in removing rust, grime, paint stains, and burns around your drains. The stains can easily be eroded from the affected areas by just gently rubbing the screen back and forth in a regular pattern. Additionally, the scouring screen has a lot of uses and is reusable upon rinsing. It is surprisingly easy to use and inexpensive¾especially for such an outstanding result. This cleaning tool is safe for pets and kids.
  6. Use a scouring stick. This tool has a less abrasive action. It basically scours away mold deposits and discolorations, rust, and other nasty stain found around your drains. It is also guaranteed not to damage any surface of your bathroom and kitchen sink and tub. This tool can easily be found at almost any store, so there won’t be any hassle in trying to purchase one. It will cost you a few dollars, has numerous uses, and will surely make your cleaning routine faster and easier¾leaving your pipes and drains dirt and clog-free. This cleaning tool is also harmless for your pets and kids.

A stubborn stain and odor can quickly turn your drains into a disturbance, but cleaning them on a regular basis could rule out the possible accumulation of dirt, stains, and odors that could eventually lead to a blocked drain. It could be stressful trying to sanitize drains if you just leave them nasty for long periods of time. So, try these Wilco Plumbing Services tips and tricks, and see for yourself how these practices can help to keep your bathroom and kitchen drains spotless¾like they’ve never been stained before.


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