Easy tips for getting a sparkling clean kitchen in no time

clean kitchen

The kitchen is the place where we put our culinary skills to test whether it is for a group of friends who have been invited over for dinner or just a special something for a special someone. But the kitchen is also one such area which gets dirty pretty fast if its cleanliness requirements are neglected for long. Today we will take you through some easy tips of keeping your kitchen pad clean by spending just twenty minutes of time on a daily basis.

  • To clean your oven, simply place a handful of wet paper towels inside and run it on High temperature for 3-5 minutes. The steam arising from the towels will help in softening the grime. As the towels cool down, you can use the same for wiping the oven’s interior.
  • You can combine one cup of water with half a cup of lemon juice for deodorizing your countertop oven by heating the mixture in high temperature for three to five minutes. The solution should be kept in the microwave for five to ten minutes before being removed.
  • The glass jug which accompanies a coffee maker might develop a brown and blotchy haze with continued usage and when it is kept filled with coffee for long spans of time. You need to fill in the jar with ice and squeeze two quarters of a lemon into the same along with two tablespoons of salt. The mixture needs to be swirled in the jug for two minutes to clean the inside surface following which you should rinse it under the tap.
  • Experienced cooks know very well that liquid soap should never be used on a cast-iron pan. Neither should it be scrubbed with any abrasive material if you wish to maintain its adequately oiled non-stick surface. A cast iron pan can be cleaned by adding two tablespoons of oil and placing the pan on medium heat. Once the pan gets adequately heated, you will need to pour in three tablespoons of salt. Next you will have to scrub the pan using a paper towel unless it becomes sparkling clean. You can wrap up the cleaning process by dabbing some more cooking oil.
  • A clean pastry brush needs to be kept handy for removing the last remnant of grated food which is left behind in the tiny grates. It can work as a miracle on both the sides of the grater.
  • Juice stains can be removed by mixing hydrogen peroxide with water and a few drops of ammonia. Small scratches on your stone countertops can be removed using superfine dry steel wool termed as “grade 0000.”
  • Backsplash or tile floors can be cleaned by mixing water with baking soda which can serve as an effective homemade cleaner. Just pour half a cup of baking soda into two gallons of water and scrub your kitchen with the same using a sponge or string mop.
  • Stains on painted walls can either be water or oil borne. While a paper towel or wet cloth can cater to the waterborne stains such as Jell-O, wine, mustard, ketchup and even smashed mosquitoes. Mild dishwashing soap mixed with water is required for removing oily stains.
  • Ketchup can be used for removing tarnish from brass and copper fixtures, pans and pots. Just dab some ketchup onto a soft cloth and rub it gently. The whole process can be wrapped up by rinsing the kitchen utensils with some warm water.

For starters, you shouldn’t start cooking unless your kitchen is relatively clean. If you start cooking in a kitchen which is already a mess you are bound to get depressed once you are done cooking the meal.