Four easy ways to transform your garden’s design

garden design

Here in the UK, it is estimated that around 27 million people practice gardening as a hobby, which accounts for a retail market worth about £5 billion. It’s clear that gardening is a big part of UK culture and many residents not only take pride in their garden but see it as a source of relaxation and exercise.

Perhaps you’ve been eying your garden as of late and have noticed it is looking rather overgrown, rundown, and is just not a very appealing design. If that’s the case then it’s time to transform the design and create a space that you enjoy and love. Here are four easy ways you can do just that.

Do a Major Pruning

Over time, it’s perfectly normal for plants, bushes, and trees to become so overgrown that the end result is extremely messy and wild. A quick and easy way to make a major transformation is to go about some serious pruning. Clip back all the hedges and bushes, give them shape, and allow the sunlight and rain to actually reach plants that have been covered up by overgrown foliage.

Instead of having all your bushes and plants overlap each other, aim to create space in between them. This will give the garden an elevated sense of design. It will also allow each variety to be more noticeable.

Look at Installing a Trellis

Another fabulous tip is to have a trellis installed. If you are looking to take your garden from 0 to 100 as far as elegance and beauty go, a trellis will do just that. You can do this through companies like the Garden Trellis Company who have been providing customers with unique garden joinery for more than 20 years now and will ensure that your trellis is exactly as you envisioned it.

For those unfamiliar with what a trellis is, it’s a structure that has horizontal and verticals lats that allow vines, trees, and shrubs to climb up it and grow around it.

Go Bold and Create Different Levels

If your main goal is to create a more interesting space, then you can look into creating different levels. This can be done through building a deck or terrace with steps leading down to the lower level. Multi-level gardens tend to have an air of drama and style to them. You can also be creative in the materials you use for each level, as they don’t have to be identical.

Let Light Be Your Tool

One item that is often forgotten when designing a garden is lighting. Lighting makes it possible to highlight certain areas of the garden, create an inviting atmosphere in the evening, and give a grander feel to the space. It also acts as a safety feature so that people can move safely around the garden even at night-time.

Start Enjoying the Garden of Your Dreams

By using these tips you’ll be able to transform your dull, drab, and overgrown garden into something of beauty that is inviting and relaxing to all.

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