How to know if it’s time for an air conditioner repair

AC repairs

When the weather is sweltering hot outside, you can always rely on your air conditioner unit to cool down. You can just simply relax, watch TV, or read a book without feeling too sweaty and uncomfortable while inside your house. That is why it can be a good idea to buy an air conditioner for your home.

But just like any other home appliance, your air conditioner (AC) may also experience some kind of defect or damage after a few years. It can be annoying because you may not be able to use the unit in a time when you need it the most. You can always find an air conditioning repair shop in Salt Lake City, Utah, when you need to have your AC unit repaired.

Signs it is time for an AC repair

Sometimes, there are already obvious signs that your AC needs repair. However, some homeowners tend to ignore it as it may not be a major thing yet. But the risk of doing such is that those simple leaks and buzzing sounds can lead to irreversible damage.

That is why it is important to address any issues immediately to avoid things from getting worse. Among common signs, you need to look out for include the following.

1. The unit is not cooling the room as it should

An AC unit should make a room cool in the first, not the other way around. But if the unit blows hot air even if the cooling thermostat is at its maximum, it may be either be due to the compressor, thermostat, or the Freon. Depending on the damage level, it can still be repaired by professional aircon technicians. Otherwise, you may have to replace the unit if all repair works have failed.

2. The unit emits an unpleasant odor

When you notice a musty odor when you open the AC, this can be due to the presence of mold inside the unit. It may also be due to a gas leak or damage with the circuit board or fan motor. Whatever the reason is, you should call reliable technicians immediately when you smell something off in your AC unit.

AC repairs

3. The unit emits weird noises when it’s on

Most air conditioning units, especially the latest models, are designed to emit minimal to no sounds at all. Some older units, on the other hand, may emit some light buzzing sound which should not be annoying at all. But if you hear rattling or grinding sounds inside which is not present before, it may be due to loose or broken parts. Or some of the components need some lubrication.

4. Your electric bill has skyrocketed

When there is any damage in the AC unit, it will be forced to work hard and consume more power in the process. Hence, the exorbitant electric bill.

It is important to know these common signs of a damaged AC unit and address it immediately. That way, you can save money from high electric bills, and you can still use your AC unit for a long time. Otherwise, it can cause permanent damage to the unit and force you to buy a new one, which can be expensive by the way.