Keeping your air conditioner running smoothly: Mistakes to avoid

air conditioning unit

If you live in an area that has prolonged summer, then you must act sensibly to protect your air conditioning system that creates a comfortable living environment. Every homeowner knows how much it goes in installing and maintaining the air conditioning or HVAC system. Keeping your air conditioner ready so that it runs efficiently for making a cool and comfortable summer is the primary task of any homeowner, and you must discharge your responsibilities diligently. The last thing that you would need is to call an Air Pro air conditioner repair to attend to your broken cooling machine.

It is not hard to operate the air conditioner at an optimal level provided you take good care of it. It would ensure that the machine works smoothly over a long period that takes care of the extended summer season. However, we often tend to forget the basics and start committing mistakes that become quite costly to keep the air conditioning system up and running always.

In this article, we will discuss the most often committed mistakes of homeowners that affect the air conditioning system. By avoiding these mistakes, you can prevent bigger problems in air conditioner repair.

Lack of preventive maintenance

The biggest mistake is to wait for the air conditioner to fail by forgetting to look after it when things are going on smoothly. For smooth running of air conditioners, you must plan for preventive maintenance that helps to detect problems early and avoid costly repairs and downtime. Checking the ducts periodically can help to avoid leakages that lower the performance of air conditioners. Keeping the system clean and free from dust and debris ensures that there is no stopping for some flimsy reason.

Not cleaning the filters

The biggest mistake is to take the air conditioning system for granted and not caring to clean the filters. The filters are like the lungs of the system which when choked will stop the system. The filters arrest the dust particles in the air, and huge dust accumulates too quickly which necessitates frequent cleaning of filters. Scheduling monthly filter cleaning can ease out the problem and help to save energy that can be as high as 15%.

Running the system non-stop

The design of the air conditioning system ensures that the system runs intermittently and never continuously. Even when the system is running, and the cooling reaches the set temperature, the thermostat cuts off the system which restarts after some time when the air becomes warm again. The cycle of switching the system on and off continues. However, if the thermostat starts malfunctioning and it goes unnoticed, the system keeps running continuously and breaks down after some time.

The air conditioning unit that you select must have the capacity to cool the designated area. Sometimes choosing a system of lower capacity might save some initial cost but turns out to be costlier due to frequent breakdown from over stressing. Leave the selection of professional air conditioning experts who can work out the correct size of the system that functions smoothly.