How to make a small bedroom look large and clean


Having a tiny bedroom presents quite a few challenges, especially if there’s more than one of you in there. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, a haven from the rest of the world and a place for some peace and quiet.

Start with the walls

How you decorate your small bedroom will affect how you feel about it. Look at the colors on the wall. You can broaden a small space by keeping the colors light. If you have to have a dark color, chose one accent wall, and paint the trim with a light color to keep the idea of height.

You can also elongate a wall by adding horizontal stripes. Go for broad stripes rather than thin ones, and keep the colors light but complementary.

You can also consider lighter walls and a dark ceiling. The dark ceiling will draw the eyes up, and make it look like there is a full height ceiling even it if is dropped.

Avoid having too much furniture

Have exactly and only the furniture you need. The less you have in the space, the more air you will create. You can move extra stuff like the bedside tables into storage units Carrollton if you don’t want to throw them away.

By going minimalist you create the illusion that no clutter means there’s more space.


This is another way of creating space by reflecting the space you have back on itself into infinity. You don’t have to go for a whole wall. But choose a full-size mirror so that it reflects room and windows, passing the light back into the room

Try and make any furniture you have multi-functional

If the bed can have storage drawers underneath it or if the chest can hold your extra bedding you can make use of space that is used twice over. It also keeps surfaces clear and keeps the space free from clutter.

Arranging the furniture

The bed is the largest single piece and so it is going to be the first element you place. You will probably place it on the largest wall, with space at either side. If you’re able to move it into a corner that can create more space, but doesn’t work well when there is two people.

Next will be the big mirror. This will be opposite the window to create as much light as possible and a point of contrast to the bed.

From this point, the goal is to keep with the motto ‘less is more’. If all shoes and clothes can go into the closet this is a bonus. But if you need a dresser, try and move it onto the last open wall to create space around the bed.

Small but perfect

Keeping a small bedroom tidy is the key. If there are clothes and lots of other bits and bobs around the room it will stay small.

Arrange the room so you can stay on top of keeping it neat.