How to make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep


You can do a lot of things in your bedroom. You can use this as a place to do your hobbies or interests, relieve yourself from stress and even finish tasks from school or work. You can also use your bedroom as a place to bond with your family and children. Your bedroom might provide many benefits, but you should never forget why it’s built in the first place – for you to sleep. Your bedroom should be your own private space to sleep comfortably for hours after you had a long day at school at work. But with everything going on with your life right now, you might not be able to enjoy this from your room. Chances are, you’re currently using your bedroom as an extension of your school, office or your children’s play area. All of these can prevent you from sleeping soundly in your bedroom.

Even if you’re the only person who’s staying in your bedroom, sleeping comfortably here can become a struggle. There might be unfinished assignments or clutter in your bedroom which can cause stress the moment you enter your bedroom. Aside from following your usual spring cleaning routine, use of the tips below to make your bedroom a more comfortable place to sleep:

  1. Use color to make your bedroom more restful: The entire aesthetics of your bedroom can impact the quality of your sleep. If you see loud colors in your bedroom such as red and yellow, you’ll feel energized. This will make it harder for you to sleep. If you want to sleep comfortably in your bedroom, stay clear from any of these colors and use warm neutrals instead. You can use light and mid-tone shades of grays, browns, and beiges. Shades of blue can also be an excellent choice. Aside from keeping your energy at a minimal, these colors can also complement other colors very well and will look good regardless of the seasons outside.
  2. Buy a new mattress: Your mattress is an important element in your bedroom. It can make or break your desire to sleep. If you have a mattress which is either too soft or too hard for your preference, you’ll end up twisting and turning all night and not getting any sleep at all. Always make sure that you’re actually using a mattress which is perfect for your preference. If it’s not, scout for shops which sell mattresses and compare their products. Don’t rush when you’re doing this as you’ll need time to test out different mattresses.
  3. Choose the right bedding: Similar to your mattress, the right bedding is purely based on your preference. You might not sleep well without using at least two comforters, and five pillows in your bed so make sure that all of these are present in your bedroom. As for the fabrics, choose ones which are silky and natural-free sheets. These should also be hypoallergenic. If you want to try something new in your bedroom, consider using cooling pillows. You can just lay your head on one of these and wait until you’ll drowse off to a long slumber.
  4. Make your bed daily: You can sleep comfortably in your bedroom if you change your morning routines. Instead of leaving your bed messy the moment you wake up, take time to make your bed. Doing this doesn’t only encourage your productivity for the day but seeing a fixed bed after a tiring day at work will want you to crawl back at it. You’ll even jump right into your bed once you see how comfortable it looks like!
  5. Candles in bedroom

  6. Pay attention to the scent: Scents are important to your bedroom. Depending on what you want to achieve in your bedroom, you’ll be able to do it better when you use a scented candle or spray. And with the number of scents you can buy almost anywhere, it’ll be easy to find one which is perfect for your picky nose. If you want to sleep better in your room, lavender should be in your list. You can buy scented lavender candles or spray lavender water on your pillows before you go to bed. This scent will not only improve your sleep, but this can also calm your exhausted and stressed mind.
  7. Eliminate clutter: Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality. If it’s full of clutter, it can say a lot about your cleanliness. People might think that you’re unhygienic. To keep your image clean (pun intended), always eliminate clutter from your bedroom. Schedule a day every week to do this to avoid clutter to pile up. Aside from cleanliness, seeing clutter in your bedroom will only activate your mind. You’ll only think about how you can dispose these or where these should be kept. So instead of getting yourself a good night’s sleep, you’ll only be stressed thinking about your clutter.
  8. Banish technology from the bedroom: With the advent of technology, bringing work in your bedroom is now easier. With a device and a stable internet connection, you can basically do anything in your bedroom. This might be good for your productivity but bad for your sleep. You’ll be too distracted and occupied to do the latter. It might be hard but gradually banish technology from your bedroom. This should include taking out all computers and TVs in the room. If you still have work to do, go outside your bedroom to finish all of these. Remember that your bedroom is for sleeping, not working.
  9. Invest in blackout curtains: If you’re working from Mondays to Friday, weekends can be your most-awaited days of the week. These are the only days of the week when you can finally sleep until noon without feeling guilty about it. But if your bedroom is directly hit by sunlight, you might not be able to do this. You’ll only wake up because sunlight hits your face or caused the temperature in your bedroom to change. The solution? Blackout curtains. These can block heat and light from the sun, making it easy for you to sleep for hours regardless of the weather outside. You can purchase blackout curtains in different designs (it doesn’t only come in black, contrary to popular belief) to complement your bedroom’s theme or design.

Reap What You Sow

Your bedroom should be your haven to get yourself a good night’s sleep. All of your responsibilities should be met during the daytime, so when it’s time to sleep, your bedroom can be the perfect place for you to do it. If you can’t get any decent sleep in your bedroom right now, let his article be your guide. This will give you an idea of what to change or add. All of these might require your time, but once you’re getting more Z’s every night, all of your efforts will be worth it in the end!


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