How to make your garden grow

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What makes a place worth living? Is it the security service or the number of amenities available in there? A home is where our heart is and in order to make a place worth living, we must understand the basic needs of a home.

Yes, your house also has a heart of itself and it has its own sets of requirements. So what does exactly our heart ask for? It certainly does not need branded furniture or beautiful curtain collection. What it really needs is the surrounding scenery. Nowadays, it gets pretty difficult to buy a home in a surrounding where you will find ample amount of greenery. Nevertheless you can grow your own garden. Your house will forever be grateful to you for taking this decision.

Importance of Gardening

When it comes to gardening, it is important to understand the importance of maintaining the growth of the garden. You can grow organic vegetables, fruits and flowers in your garden and that way your home will look fresher and also livelier.

In today’s world where your surrounding is highly contaminated and the pollution level is in no mood to settle down, try to bring some greenery to your home. This will help you to get fresh oxygen regularly. What could be more interesting than growing fruits, vegetables and of course flowers? It is although important to understand that you are implementing all the best possible techniques to keep your garden growing. Your garden must be your happy space and it must look fresh and full of life.

5 ways to grow your garden & also sustain the growth


In order to ensure that your garden is healthy, try to follow some of the most important tips. Gardening is surely a stress-relieving activity and you need to ensure that all your effort is not going in vain. Embrace a beautiful looking healthy garden and enjoy the path of green at your home sweet home.

  1. Set a budget: This is important. There is no limit of expending. Unless and until, you chart down your own budget limit, it will get difficult. Try to start slowly. Buy only a few seeds, required fertilizer and the necessary tools. If there is somebody around who is also into gardening then you can borrow the tools. Start off with a small space first and see the progress. There is always room to grow more. You must also clean it regularly. Your garden is your temple. The more time you spend on keeping it bug-free, the more beautifully will it be growing. This way you can effectively control diseases spreading form your plants.
  2. Buy easy-to-grow plants: Always remember you are a beginner. Hence, you should always opt for plants that can be easily harvested. For instance, the cherry belle radish or the arugula would not take much time to grow.
  3. Make space for adequate light: This goes without asking that your plants, vegetables and fruits will need enough light to grow. In order to make them stay healthy, you must opt for a space that gives them a minimum of six to eight hours of sunlight. Those who are planning an indoor garden can think of putting the flowers right close to a window that brings a lot of light as well as air.
  4. Make yourself knowledgeable: The more you read books, blogs and articles on gardening, the more informed you will become. Try to browse through some gardening videos available on the internet. Gardening involves a lot of hard work. If you are not serious about it then you should not probably invest in it. Try to read some good stuff that will motivate you wisely. For instance, trimming is necessary. The best way to grow your plants is by means of cutting off the weak links right at the moment you spot them. The wounded limbs of the trees are prone to infections and that can affect the other healthy parts.
  5. The right tools can seal the deal: As already been discussed, you can either buy your own gardening tools or can simply borrow them from a fellow gardener. 3 mostly used tools that you need to arrange are:
    • Hosepipe for watering the plants.
    • Wheelbarrow for shifting the plants from one spot to another
    • Shovel for the fertilizers

These are some of the most tips and tricks to keep your garden growing and making it look livelier. You can look ahead to following some of these and turn your home into a beautiful living space.


About the Author

Mary Jones is a private tutor at expertassignmenthelp and essay writer  by profession but what she actually enjoys doing more is growing her garden. She is also an avid reader of everything that is related to gardening and also conducts workshops for the hobbyists of gardening. According to her, it is the sheer joy of seeing the plants grow that makes her feel more connected towards them.