Different ways to enjoy your garden that aren’t actual gardening!

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The health benefits of owning and maintaining a personal garden are vast enough to warrant their own article, but this is about how to enjoy your little slice of heaven in your backyard without getting your hands dirty.

A garden can help a person maintain not only optimal physical health but also mental health. The physical act of gardening use muscles and stretches them in ways that you cannot duplicate at a gym while the mental aspect comes from the organization and maintenance of your garden. It can be used as a money-saving tool or as a personal mecca for someone who needs to get away but can’t actually get away. It can provide food for your family or community or inspire more environmentally conscious decisions as it can help sustain wildlife and nature.

While the health benefits of your garden can be all the encouragement you need, sometimes it can be nice to just sit down, look around at your blooming plants, flowering shrubs and feel proud of all your own two hands accomplished.

Throughout this post, we will look at five ways to enjoy your garden without getting your hands dirty. If this intrigues you, then read on!

Spend Time in Your Garden at Different Points Throughout the Day

People tend to fall into routines without even acknowledging they are doing so. If you only spend time in your garden when you’ve arrived home from work and need to complete some basic maintenance, such as watering, it can be easy to overlook how relaxing the garden space actually is.

Don’t limit yourself to only evening visits to your garden but make a point to wake up in the morning and enjoy your morning beverage on the patio, listening to the sounds of nature waking up while watching the dew dry on the leaves of the plants put in the ground by your own hands. Take a little walk around your garden and search for new sprouts or blooms on your vegetables or flowers. Including a mini-walk can also increase the health boosts for that day by increasing the heart rate!

Enjoy an evening cocktail or after-dinner coffee while in your garden. Watch the colors change due to the setting sun and listen to the hush that will fall over your surroundings as evening turns to night. The mental relaxation will help the body prepare itself for bedtime, allowing you to get a better quality night’s sleep.

Use Furniture to Create an Oasis

If your garden is located in your backyard with room to spare, you can get creative with furniture and other objects to create a mini oasis. Look for comfortable furniture in a sturdy material that will stand up to the different elements of the weather and add a variety of sizes from footstools to benches or even hammocks. Set up a table with enough seats to fit your household along with company should you host a get-together. Choose chairs with thick cushions to protect the skin from the rougher material used in the construction of the furniture.

When a space is furnished properly with a warm and inviting feel, it can be used by the homeowners and company alike. Add low tables with flameless candles to add atmosphere and host your next summer get-together outside in your garden.

Use unconventional seating methods to add creatively to your garden by installing a swing or hammock. If choosing a hammock, be aware of the dangers that could arise should the quality not be up to standards. A good hammock can be found at most retailers that carry outdoor décor but make sure to research what requirements are needed for body types, number of people, etc.

Use Your Garden as the Quiet Room for Downtime

Spend more time in your garden by using it as the quiet room that a person seeks when wanting to spend time on their own and relax doing their favorite activity. Invoke feelings of awe, accomplishment, and gratitude while soaking up nature and reveling in the scenery surrounding you.

Bring your book or music or writing outside and draw inspiration from the scenery around you. This can allow you to tap into your creative side faster or sink into your novel without any interruptions. When a person can truly relax at least once a day; stress levels will drop and coping skills are greater.

Enjoy Family Bonding Activities

Bond together as a family by installing a fire pit in the backyard. Turn an ordinary evening into a magical one with s’mores and mint water (mint fresh from the garden). Create memories that will be carried throughout each stage of not only your life, but your children’s life.


A garden represents something different to each person you ask and every answer they provide of what a garden is can be correct. Think about what your garden means to you personally and ask your “Can I improve on these feelings or representation?” If the answer is yes, spend a little bit of time creating the oasis of your dreams!