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Infrared Heating for Outdoor Spaces: A Guide to Energy-Efficient Patio Heating Systems

Outdoor heating

Infrared heating provides the ideal solution for outdoor spaces, effectively creating a warm environment even as the temperature dips. Superior to traditional heaters, infrared heaters directly warm up objects or people instead of wasting energy on warming the air. Think about how sunlight warms you directly when standing under it – this is exactly how

Embracing the Chill: How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Fireplace in Winter

How to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Fireplace in Winter

As winter descends, many homeowners might think it’s time to retire their outdoor spaces until spring. However, if you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor fireplace, your winter evenings can be just as enchanting as those in the warmer months. Check out how outdoor fireplaces can be utilized during winter to turn your patio into

Best pool test strips – How to use them properly

Testing strips

The joy a pool can give a homeowner makes the installation worth it, but maintaining a pool does require some work. One thing you need to do is have your water tested regularly by checking pH levels, alkalinity, calcium content, and combined chlorine. You will need to find the best pool test strips to check

Entertaining at home: What you need for that perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Holding parties at home has become more of a norm in recent times as it is quite pricey to have it in restaurants. There are a lot of factors to consider:  going over the menu, the people capacity, the time limit, the availability of the venue, the noise, fun, cries, and laughter that goes along

Making the most of your garden

garden furniture

A garden can be a daunting job, a welcome retreat, a plan yet to become a reality – or all of the above. But if there’s one thing everyone has in common, is the want to make the most out of their garden. And to do that, it does require a bit of effort either

Different ways to enjoy your garden that aren’t actual gardening!

garden living

The health benefits of owning and maintaining a personal garden are vast enough to warrant their own article, but this is about how to enjoy your little slice of heaven in your backyard without getting your hands dirty. A garden can help a person maintain not only optimal physical health but also mental health. The

Designing the perfect outdoor kitchen

outdoor kitchen

Cooking isn’t just an indoor activity. In fact, cooking outdoors can often provide even better results than cooking inside your home. Barbecuing has enjoyed ever-increasing popularity since the 1950s, largely due to the incredible aromas and flavors created by grilling food outdoors. Of course, the equipment used for outdoor cooking has changed and evolved over

Seven ideas how to pimp your outdoor space

outdoor space

Your outdoor space is as just important as the inside. So when you want to add some flair to your house, you should start styling up your outdoor better. After all, most bypassers can only see and appreciate the outside part of your house. Add the fact that, that part of your house will always

3 strategies for creating an amazing outdoor entertaining space

entertaining space

The time has come to take your unused outdoor space and turn it into a place for entertainment. It’s all fine and dandy to host parties inside, but there’s not enough room and who wants to be indoors when the weather is nice? Now you’re facing the questions of what to do, how to do

Small backyard, huge inspiration: Design a beautiful outdoor hideaway

outdoor hideaway

Small backyard is better than not having it at all. Although you may think it’s too small for creating any beautiful designs, there are a lot of solutions and ideas which you can use. Instead of cramming it with all sorts of unwanted or unneeded things, declutter your backyard and try some of the advice