Small backyard, huge inspiration: Design a beautiful outdoor hideaway

outdoor hideaway

Small backyard is better than not having it at all. Although you may think it’s too small for creating any beautiful designs, there are a lot of solutions and ideas which you can use. Instead of cramming it with all sorts of unwanted or unneeded things, declutter your backyard and try some of the advice we prepared for you. Soon enough, you’ll have a perfect and beautiful outdoor hideaway right at your doorstep to enjoy with your family, friends and pets.

1. Huddle around the fire

Big backyards can go as far as to have lavish fireplaces, but you will not be deprived of anything if you build a fire pit. What more, you might even gain more. Fire pits are easy to build, and you can even try it as your DIY project.

outdoor hideaway

They are perfect for any occasion. You can huddle by it with your special person, tell scary stories in the summer, make a party using it as a barbecue, and roast stick food with your kids. You can build seating seat around it and create a luxurious hideaway or go for something more rustic and use logs for stools.

2. Summertime dining area

Being able to have a meal outside is something city people often like to point out when they talk about decorating their outdoor space. And they do it rightfully without a doubt. One of this year’s trends is to blend the exterior with the interior of your home, so you can consider this dining area to be an expansion of your home.

outdoor hideaway

Create a special flooring from stone and place dining set on it. Place around some nice potted plants, or if you have enough room grow your own small garden. To protect your little haven, mount a pergola or canopy so you can even enjoy diners during rainy or windy days.

3. Paths and walkways

outdoor hideaway

Paths and walkways are parts of the most home exteriors. Besides for walking, they are also perfect for creating boundaries and separating certain parts of the outdoor space. You can use a curved path to reach to the small Zen garden you created at the corner of the yard, or place stone tablets to walk on while going to tend to your flowers. If you want a path, you will have to create enough room for it in a small backyard. Looking for supercheapstorage solutions online will give you enough options to declutter your space and pebble the path of your new hideaway.

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4. Build your green hideaway

outdoor hideaway

Gardening was proven to help in many ways. It can be the cure for both body and soul. When you start planning what to grow in your small backyard, consider creating not only the garden but also a spot where you can enjoy some peaceful time and relax.

outdoor hideaway

Vertical landscaping is very popular today because it uses plants of different height and size to create texture and nonchalance. You can use big-leaved perennials, evergreens and your favourite flowers to create different colours and scents. If you place these plants around the seating arrangement and use some parasols or canopy to protect it from the sun, or light rain, you can spend some enjoyable summer days and nights cooped in there.

5. Go simple

If you’re not sure you can create anything elaborate, choose the simple solutions. The easiest is to organize your backyard in small parts so you could create an open space to use for various occasions. Build boxed pots on the sides and plant flowers, herbs or even vegetables. Small fruit trees at the corners will make it look richer and more natural, and you can use all the open space in the middle for whatever purpose you may need. If you build a pergola and let some plants to grow on it freely you will create natural and beautiful roofing.

outdoor hideaway

It feels good to have a place to escape from the stress of busy and demanding schedule, a serene hideaway from the world. You can share it with your loved ones, or enjoy it on your own. It can be your place away from other places, where you’ll feel protected from all bad and harms, where you were kissed for the first time, where your children made their first steps and the grass after rain smells the best.