How to plant grass seed in your garden


You are a proud owner of your own garden and leave no stones unturned to give it its best look. Of course, it all starts from planting some green and shiny grass seeds on it.

But if you’re doing it first time and looking for some expert advices, you’re at the right place.

When It’s the Right Time for Planting?

Agree or not, selection of the right time to seed affects its success a lot. To make your grass seeds to germinate properly, there is a direct blessing of environment, temperature, humidity and soil hardness. And all of them are variable with seasons.

Before you go to the actions, we want to know certain information about the seeding seasons. As you know, there are various types of grasses and that depends on the weather, warmth and geographic. The entire process varies a lot based on the seasons you’re in right now. Such as-

Winter Grasses

  • Should be done between March to September.
  • Grasses thrive in temperatures more than 80-degree F.
  • Requires less watering.
  • Needs to be mown as close to the ground as possible.
  • Has a lot of creeping variety.

Summer Grasses

  • Perfect time to seed is within mid-August to mid-September.
  • Thrive in a temperature below freezing.
  • Consists of longer and thicker blades.
  • Should be mowed at high level for maintenance.
  • Has a lot of variety.

But some of the steps of seeding the lawn are pretty same in every season. And in the section below, we’ve broken them down in easy steps-

grass seeds

Planting Grass Seed- Easy Steps Explained

Preparing the Site and Soil

Some steps of the entire soil preparation are- testing the soil’s nature (pH, moisture, soil type), adjusting soil pH if necessary, add additional nutrients to soil and finally, prepare the soil structure for seeding. Each of the steps can be broken down into detailed discussions. We rather suggest you to examine your steps with a local expert.

Choosing the Seed Brand and Breed

Now we’re up to the most significant part. It’s about choosing some quality seed of grass.

If you’re living in southern part of the country, warm season seeds would work best in your garden. Instead, if you’re in either northern or transitional zone of the state, you better choose some cool-season breeds.

Planting the Seeds

If you are done with previous steps, now it’s time to choose an option from a few of them. I am talking about on which situation you want to plant the seed. From my perspective, there are a number of options like-

  1. Planting the seed on a prepared bed.
  2. Planting on a grass lawn that’s live.
  3. Broadcasting spreading the seeds over the garden area.
  4. Planting the seeds over snow.
  5. Planting with Hydro-seeding or slit speeder.

While done, make sure the seeds are at correct depth and covered. The contact between the soil and seed is a vital fact to take care of.

Well, you are almost done with planting some fresh green grasses that will make your garden look gorgeous after sometimes. A few tasks are still left regarding taking care and shooting trouble. I’m sure I’ll be back again with posts regarding these in my next posts.


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