How to mow your lawn like a pro on your first attempt

mowing lawn

You don’t need to be an expert to mow your garden by the book. Even if you’re new to this kind of activity, experience comes with time. Moreover, everything is about planning. Some people trim edges first, while others focus on mowing first and trimming after. Assuming that you have the right type of mower for your garden, here are a few tips to do it by the book and prevent the most common rookie mistakes.

Don’t Cut Too Short

When moving your lawn, you better do it at a decent height. It’s easy to tell why. If you cut the grass at a short height, brown areas will be more visible. You’ll end up with visible patches all over the place, especially if the ground is not perfectly even. Furthermore, weeds will break through the actual grass with time.

There are no general rules, but most professionals stick to 2 to 4 inches in height. Warm season grass can go a bit shorter though – 1 to 3 inches.

Wide Cuts on the Sides

The collar is often the first thing you’ll start with. Most gardeners focus on the sides and then they move into the central parts. However, the border must be quite wide – wider is better. Why? Easy! If you have a wide border, you can easily turn the mower around and move from one corner on without risking to mow your flowers or hit the fence.

Geometry Rules

Remember when you were in school – if you wanted to draw a straight line, you had to look at the ending point, rather than the line. The same rule applies to your mowing activity. If you look down at the mower, you won’t do a straight job. If you look about 10 feet ahead of you, chances are you’ll come up with a straighter line. This rule is even more important if you’re trying to come up with a pattern.

Speed and Inefficiency

If mowing is not really your favorite activity, chances are you’ll want to finish as quickly as possible. Don’t rush, but take your time though. Certain types of grass are quite stubborn – tall or wet grass particularly. They can face a regular cut, so you’ll have to insist some more. Even if the grass is short and dry, rushing will still leave uneven spots behind you. Imagine mowing is like shaving. You’ll have to do it slow for maximum efficiency. Also, investing in the right lawn mower is crucial to mowing your lawn easily and efficiently.

Gather the Remains

Remains can be used in two different ways. Some people gather or rake them. You don’t want them around or they’ll end up tracked everywhere – including your house. However, having a lawn mower with mulching features is more efficient. Practically, grass remains are pushed back into the ground. They release nitrogen and other healthy substances into the soil, leading to greener and healthier turf.


In conclusion, mowing is not the hardest activity in the world. You’ll figure out how it works after a few session, but it still pays off to know how to do it upfront, rather than learn from your mistakes.