How to remove a broken key in a door lock

door lock

Even though no one ever admits it, many of us have been in a situation where you go to unlock the door like you’ve done a million times before and the top of the key breaks off. With the useless key jammed into the lock, what do you do? Believe it or not, there are many cases where people will find their broken keys are stuck in the door lock and they do not know how to get it out. Here are a few methods that should help you out of the jam.

1. Use Tweezers

If you have some tweezers in your handbag you can try to use those to get the key out. It is not always going to work. You should ensure that the tweezers you are using are wide enough to fit your key, but they must not be too thick either or they are going to get stuck and just push your key further into the lock. If you are lucky, you will have the perfect tweezers and you can pluck that broken key out of the lock.

2. Call A Locksmith

When the tweezer method is not possible we would suggest looking to an expert for support. There are plenty of great locksmiths in the Perth area such as Any one of them would be happy to answer your call. Most modern locksmiths not only help you get locks replaced and installed, but they also offer emergency services. If you make a call, they will send someone over within the hour. And you will get that key out of the lock without an issue.

3. Super Glue

It may sound odd but super glue is an effective method for getting the key out of the lock. What you want to do is use a matchstick or something thin that you can use to get the key out. You will place superglue on the side of this object, and you will attempt to slide it through and get the glue onto the key. Theoretically, the key should slide out when you attempt to slide out the object that you inserted, since it is now superglued to it. But this method is tough to execute. You need the right item, super glue and very steady hands!

4. Key Extractor

It is what the pros often use – a key extractor. If you have experienced this problem more than one time you may want to invest money in a broken key extractor. The tool is very easy to use, and it will ensure that you do not have to call your locksmith every time a broken key ends up in one of your locks.

When a key gets breaks off in the lock and you can’t get it out, you are bound to feel embarrassed. But you should not feel too bad as this happens to many many people. Use one of the techniques above or just call your local locksmith.