How to wash a down comforter at home

down comforter

Learn how to properly care for a delicate duvet or down comforter with our latest expert guide.

One of the essential features of the best down comforter is that they are machine washable. I guess many of you guys already know it. But how many of you know how to wash a down comforter at home? A down comforter is very delicate in nature and without proper care they will start to ruin. In many scenarios, we make our comforters lumped which causes cold spots to occur after a heavy wash. In this article, I am going to tell you how to wash a down comforter at home like a boss!
Washing a down comforter at home is a simple step by step activity. Just follow the steps described below.

Step 1: Find a large washing machine with front loading

First, you will need a large, front-loading washing machine. The problem with the simple top loading washing machine is that they are congested. It has the “alligator” in the middle that will harm the comforter or simply tear it. Go to any local Laundromat that has large washing machines matching your need. I am considering that you have one at home. Still look for in the user manual of the machine for the biggest capacity for washing. You should also be careful about leaving a space after inserting the comforter in the machine.

Step 2: Adding mild detergent

Once you drop the comforter inside the machine, you should start adding mild detergents. You should wash it with warm water. Too much cold or hot water will ruin the fabric intensity and filling materials. Submerge the comforter within the water. You can add bleach if you have a white one. Mixing the detergents and the bleach before inserting the comforter is a great trick. Run the washing machine for a minute or two. This makes the washing solution more efficient for cleaning.

Step 3: Wash with care

Let the washing machine run in a gentle wash cycle. Take a few minutes to let the machine wash the comforter.

Step 4: Use the rinse cycle

Every washing machine has the rinse cycle to wash off the detergent. Run the rinse cycle twice. This step is very important or else you will feel sorry later. Before hitting the spinning cycle, it is better to squeeze the water. The squeezing will make the more water removed help the spinning cycle to work.

Step 5: Drying in the air

As your washing is complete, unload your comforter from the washing machine. Your comforter might look flat, discoloured, and less bulky than normal. Don’t get panicked; it’s temporary. Now you should let the comforter dry in the air. You will hate it realising how long it takes to dry it off completely. You should not rush it by putting it in an electric drier. It will cause serious damage to the fabric and the down.
You should put it in sunny, air passing location at your home. Flip the comforter after some time so that it gets even heat on the both sides. Eventually, it will be dried up. The fluffiness and the proper colour will return. If you want to get it done by a professional, you could. But it is not healthy for the comforter to wash. Consider cleaning it once a year or less. The less you wash, the longer it will remain unharmed. Using a duvet cover can relief you from a lot of hassle.