It Better to Replace Steel Windows or Restore Them?

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Steel windows look good in any building, whether the design is traditional or contemporary. The windows are durable, and their clean lines add symmetry to a building’s façade. Unfortunately, although the windows are long-lasting, they are still subject to wear and tear over time. Thus, building owners are in two minds. Would it be better to replace the steel windows or restore them?

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Replace or restore?

The majority of building owners favour restoration, and their reasons go beyond their aesthetic value. For example, a few years back, property owners opted to replace their steel windows with other materials, like aluminium, because they believed that the windows were not energy efficient.

However, window technology continues to advance, and even the older windows can be made more energy-efficient by using improved materials during restoration.

What are the advantages of restoring steel windows?

One of the reasons it is more advantageous to restore traditional steel windows is that they fit and match the property’s original features. Restoration is likewise advisable if the property has historical value. If the steel windows, and possibly doors, are the defining elements of the property, restoring them will allow the property to retain its original character and appeal. Moreover, the metal alloys of original steel windows are more corrosion-resistant than the new materials available to manufacture new windows today.

How do you make the right decision?

You may need help to decide whether it is better to restore the windows or replace them. It is advisable to request an expert to look at the windows and assess their condition. Make sure that you contact a professional firm that specialises in steel window restoration and replacement. The professional can evaluate the damage to the steel frames and recommend the most appropriate course of action.

If there is surface rust, for instance, the restorer will repair the damage. On the other hand, if severe corrosion already caused loss of strength and integrity in the material, the more economical approach is to restore the steel frames.

The restorer will also check the windows’ condition to determine if they can do the restoration on-site or they need to remove the windows and restore them in their shop.

The expert restorer has an entire process they follow when examining the condition of steel windows in a property. First, they survey all the steel windows and take pictures of them. The photographs help determine the types and extent of problems they find in each window. Next, they use a numbering system for every window to help them identify each part they need to disassemble.

For most restoration and repair projects, the experts usually remove the paint, inspect and replace hold-opens, latches, hinges, and other fasteners and hardware, replace broken or missing glass, and apply paint finish. The experts may also need to upgrade the thermal insulation of the windows.

See that you work with an expert in steel window restoration to ensure the quality of service and materials they will provide.