Keeping your bathroom tidy: Tips for designing an efficient bathroom


Every morning, you’re faced with the challenging task of waking up and preparing for your day. An efficient bathroom allows you to keep an organised and focused mindset to meet what you have to deal with at work. Here is some critical advice for keeping your bathroom tidy and efficient at the same time.

Clear your sink of the clutter

Your worktop below your vanity should always be clear of your toiletries. If not, you should have them sectioned off into boxes and containers so that it’s easy for you to get things and put them back without leaving a clutter of open toothpaste rolls and shampoo bottle caps.

Use effective lighting

No one wants to have an accidental slip and slide straight into the ICU. Bathroom accidents are relatively common and dangerously fatal especially if you live alone. One way to combat the issue of bathroom accidents is by having bright and powerful lighting. Though you might be tempted to have stylistic options for ‘setting a mood’ in your bathroom, be sure that it’s a secondary option while you still have your main bright lighting. Be on the lookout for that glimmer in the puddle of water that could be your ticket to having a broken collar bone.

Keep your accessories in order

Having fixtures installed in your bathroom can be a touch of your creative spirit, but you also need to be mindful about making the spaces that you use functional too. Your bathroom shouldn’t be an art museum filled with tons of paintings, nor should it be the place where you keep all your soap and detergents. Though there’s a fair debate on whether the bathroom cupboards or kitchen cabinets should house them, you should always make sure that both have an equal stock so that you won’t have to go back and forth in your house. A smart way to assess whether or not you’re putting too many things in your bathroom is if you end up spending too much time cleaning it every year. Having more places to clean and maintain is a sign that there might be too much clutter in there.

Limit your bathing space

Nothing says efficient more than minimalist spaces. A bathroom can have wide open spaces, but it takes a lot of time and effort to clean and maintain. One solution to deal with the unused area is in setting up dividers and shower curtains, or better yet, make use of shower enclosures. Having these installed in your bathroom allows you to keep the wetness inside the cabin without causing a wet mess on the way back to your room.

If you’ve grown tired of dealing with all the space that you don’t have any use for, you can transform these places for different purposes. Having a growing bed for plants in the bathroom can be an ideal place for them as they can absorb the moisture from the air.