Most Expensive Homes in New York State

New York has long been one of the country’s most populated states, a leader in culture, technology, and business. As evidence, its residents are among the world’s wealthiest. With an average household income of $64,233 as of 2010 (according to Wikipedia ), it makes sense that New York would produce some luxury properties to match its illustrious history. While not all homes on this list are technically located within state boundaries (sorry Long Island), they’re close enough that we’ll give them a pass for now.

The following ten homes highlight just how much property you can get with piles and piles of money. Their features range from helipads to private theaters; swimming pools to recording studios; wine cellars to game rooms — even an indoor shooting range. Some are family houses; others are barely big enough to house the staff necessary to maintain them, but they’re all pricey enough that you may need a few moments before continuing on with your day.

1. 1220 St. James Drive (East Hampton, NY) — $195 Million

What will you get for $195 million? How about twenty-four rooms over 10,000 square feet of living space! 1220 St. James Drive is the most expensive home in New York state and was built to impress even the snobbiest of visitors. Every inch of this mansion has been renovated recently, including the kitchen where one chef lives permanently just to keep it running smoothly. It features twelve bedrooms and eleven full bathrooms, as well as a wine cellar and plenty of room for storing your private jets. We’re sure you’ll feel right at home on the quarter-acre property, which includes ten gold fountains and dozens of pieces of statuary.

2. A $38 Million Fixer Upper (East Hampton, NY) — $38 Million

The second most expensive home in New York state may look like a wreck from the outside, but on the inside, it’s completely luxurious and ready to double its asking price overnight. This gorgeous mansion is currently under renovation by its new owner and we can’t wait to see how it comes out. It has everything you’d expect of such an expensive place: marble flooring; high ceilings; chandeliers; pools; hot tubs; etc. Its garage can fit up to six cars, while its grounds are more than three-quarters of an acre in size.

3. The Asama Motor Yacht (New York City, NY) — $190 Million

As if living on a luxury yacht wasn’t enough! This superyacht is complete with everything you’d need for an extended stay at sea: four decks of entertaining space, two helipads, twin 930-horsepower engines, and thirteen guest suites capable of sleeping, thirty guests. It has all the amenities of a world-class five-star hotel including saunas and spas, conference rooms, fitness centers, and even more entertainment areas to keep everyone happy. It’s the largest yacht to ever dock in New York City and can be yours for just $190 million.

4. Dr. Geroge Kamel House (Manhattan, NY) — $50 Million

Fifteen thousand square feet of living space doesn’t come cheap! Originally built in 1901 for real estate tycoon C.K.G. Billings, this massive house has been updated with all the latest technology and comforts we’ve come to expect from our wealthy citizens: eighteen bedrooms and fifteen and a half bathrooms; two elevators; a three-story terrace overlooking Central Park; countless chandeliers; a theater room; an indoor pool; etc. The only recently sold but only time will tell what the new owners decide to do with it.

5. 11 Palm Island (Palm Beach, FL) — $47.5 Million

This one’s only half in New York state but given that it’s just across the water, we figure it counts! Designed in 1917 by famous architect Addison Mizner, this gorgeous estate has every feature you’d want from a multi-million dollar mansion: pools; hot tubs; game rooms; home theaters; etc. Its lush gardens and extravagant swimming pool are equally impressive and you really can’t go wrong at any time of year when staying here. It also comes complete with two guest houses for extra privacy if your entourage is feeling particularly needy. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it!

6. 432 Park Avenue (New York City, NY) — $95 Million

New arrival on the luxury real estate scene, this building has only been open for a few weeks, and already it’s taken six of the top ten spots on our list. It’s known as the world’s thinnest skyscraper and was built by an alumnus from your very own Wexley School For Girls. While it may be cheap compared to other buildings on this list, it still costs more than many people make in a lifetime! In addition to 100 condos that sold out within months of going on sale, this 1,396-foot tall skyscraper includes a dazzling array of amenities including butler service; concierge; valet parking; a gym, and spa; etc.

7. A $30 Million Skinny House (Boston, MA) — $30 Million

The most expensive home in the state of Massachusetts has everything you could ever want from such an extravagant purchase: five bedrooms; six bathrooms; multiple Jacuzzis; saunas and steam rooms; a large pool and a massive living room offering spectacular views across Boston Harbor. It’s also known as one of the last homes to be built under new federal energy efficiency standards which means that it’s 40 percent more efficient than previous construction techniques. The only catch? You’ll need to get creative with the furniture since there isn’t much space for it!

8. Villa Leopolda (Cote d’Azur, France) — $506 Million

Located on the French Riviera near Villefranche-sur-Mer, this massive estate is one of the poshest properties in all of Europe. Its owner is none other than Lily Safra, widow to Edmond J. Safra who originally built it in 1928 for King Leopold II of Belgium. Since then it has been home to many famous names including John Lennon and Yoko Ono until they divorced in 1968; Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, shah of Persia until he was overthrown by the Iranian revolution; Victor Rothschild 3rd Baron Rothschild until his death in 1990; etc.’s also where Gianni Versace was killed by a deranged fan in 1997!

9. K2 (Ecuador) — $45 Million-$50 Million

Here’s your chance to say that you own one of the Seven Summits, also known as the highest point on each continent! These days it costs $65,000 just to climb Mt. Everest but this house is even more exclusive than that! Located near Quito and measuring over 4,800 square feet, it sits atop a 20-acre lot and includes breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside and beyond. It also comes complete with a helipad for easy access and isn’t short on luxury features: three bedrooms; four bathrooms; multiple terraces; mountain biking trails; artisanal beers on tap in the kitchen; etc.

10. Villa Les Cèdres (Cotes-du-Rhone, France) — $90 Million

With a name that literally means “The Cedars,” this estate was once home to Cardinal Richelieu and during the Second World War, it housed General Charles de Gaulle and Winston Churchill! It also includes its own vineyard and is situated on more than 80 acres of the gorgeous French countryside. There’s even an ancient cedar tree believed to be over 2,000 years old which provides both shade and beauty around the majestic property. While this isn’t yet one of the most expensive homes in all of Europe (we’re giving that honor to Buckingham Palace we had to include it due to its history and popularity.

11. Highclere Castle (Highclere, United Kingdom) — $145 Million

This country home has been the setting of numerous productions including “Downton Abbey,” both on the big and small screens. It’s also one of the finest examples we’ve ever seen of a baronial mansion that was designed for Charles Carnan-Rumney during the Victorian era in 1842. Home to the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, it includes five acres of formal gardens with fountains; impressive woodland walks; a rare lily pad pond; etc. While it may be open to some public tours on certain days, you’ll need to wait until his Lordship finishes writing his next book to get the full experience!

12. Hearst Castle (San Simeon, CA) — $165 Million

This palatial estate is one of the most sought-after properties in all of North America! Owned by media mogul William Randolph Hearst, it was built between 1919 and 1947 on a 154,000 acre stretch of land which has since been donated by his heirs to California. While there are many rooms throughout these 127 acres which are open to tours daily including seven swimming pools; multiple movie theaters; tennis courts; etc. you’ll definitely need to wait until later this year for “Citizen Hearst” starring John Plumpis as the eponymous main character who gets his big break covering President Franklin D. Roosevelt as a foreign correspondent in the White House!

13. Ile de France (France/Monaco) — $1.5 Billion

This ultra-luxurious yacht is one of the most expensive and largest yachts ever created! Measuring more than 436 feet long, it can accommodate 36 guests with additional space for 54 crew members to serve them. Designed by Tim Heywood with interior decoration from Alberto Pinto, it includes an infinity pool; mosaic flooring from Portugal; antique chandeliers from France; etc. While the owner remains anonymous at the moment, we’re sure he won’t be shy about showing off his incredible seafaring vessel during Monaco’s Grand Prix this spring!

So there you have it, 13 of the most expensive homes currently on the market! Do any of them interest you? If not, don’t worry; with houses this exquisite there’s bound to be something for everyone.

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