Moving house over a long distance? Declutter first


Moving long distances can be harrowing. Apart from packing all your belongings safely and securely, you will have to worry about items you no longer use or wish to use once you set up your new household.

Almost all families have such items that are too old for wear or too out-of-fashion, and it is the onus of the homeowner to find out ways to discard them to save time and energy while packing for the big move. Moving across state lines is always tricky due to the extensive planning, moving service charges, timings of driving the truck on the road and other permits.

Why should you focus on decluttering?

Decluttering before you move can only help in eliminating extra work and save you time to plan for a smooth transition. Interstate moving companies typically encourage their clients to donate things they no longer need and use before they begin packing. It not only reduces the cost of packing, but it also reduces the effort involved in the moving process.

Here are a few things you might want to reconsider packing before you move –

1. Old shoes and clothes

Almost all of us own clothing we don’t wear anymore. What about the 90s bling rhinestone denim jacket? Or, the wide leather belt with studs on it? The platform heels that have been gathering dust for the better part of a decade? These are all items you can either donate to charity (if they are in good condition) or sell them in a garage/yard sale.

2. Books

We hate to say this but books contribute to the most bulk of every mover’s belongings. If you have old magazines or books on topics you don’t read at all, you can consider selling them online or donating. Full-service packing of books cost a significant amount, and it is a smart decision to sell most of the old ones or uninteresting ones before you begin packing.

3. Plastic containers

We have the habit of storing plastic containers from takeout’s or mismatching Tupperware boxes. When was the last time you used them? If you are planning to pack them along with your other belongings, you will end up wasting a lot of energy and space. Moreover, in your new home and neighborhood, you will again find a favorite takeout place that will probably serve takeout in similar containers anyway!

4. Old Linens

While we encourage the homeowners to weed out old, discolored and torn linens before the move, we don’t usually tell them to throw these away. Old bedding can serve as brilliant packaging cum cushioning material for your belongings. If you have too many of them, you can consider giving them away to your local animal shelters. Some of them are always in need of fresh sheets sand the little pooches will be thankful for your contribution.

5. Old makeup and bath products

Carrying open containers of beauty care and bath products in packing boxes right beside your furniture and furnishing is never a good idea. You might want to cut cost and use up the open bottles of perfumes, colognes, shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer before your big move. It is smart to make an inventory of such items and use them up systematically.

During decluttering, you should also consider donating perfectly edible frozen food, old furniture, old rugs and curtains, children’s furniture that they have outgrown, and old electronics that are no longer compatible with modern tech. Places like Goodwill are more than happy to accept many of the clothing and household items that are in perfect shape from movers.