Reducing Waste: Handling Used Clothes to Save the Environment

The entire world has a problem with textile waste. In Australia, the average person will discard 23 kilograms of clothing annually. And they go straight to the landfill. When textiles decompose, they release greenhouse gasses and toxic chemicals that negatively affect the environment and contribute to climate change. And for this reason, more individuals are

How to do rubbish removal the environmental way

waste disposal

Waste management has become a significant industry in the UK and worldwide. As our landfills expand, threatening the ecology of our planet with harmful carbon emissions, innovative solutions to rubbish removal are important now more than ever. Rubbish removal services that prioritise environmentally friendly methods have a crucial role to play in the future of

How to begin 2020 plastic-free and even more green

Going plastic-free

It is no secret that plastic pollution has reached a critical level. If we keep using plastic at the current rate, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans by 2050. Everyday, approximately eight million pieces of plastic are discarded into the ocean, and microplastics have even been discovered embedded deep in

Moving house over a long distance? Declutter first


Moving long distances can be harrowing. Apart from packing all your belongings safely and securely, you will have to worry about items you no longer use or wish to use once you set up your new household. Almost all families have such items that are too old for wear or too out-of-fashion, and it is

Food waste hacks that can save you money

food waste

According to statistics, up to 60 per cent of household waste heading to the landfill could be recycled. It’s crucial for the health of our environment that we increase our recycling rate and reduce our overall waste levels. Recycling can be a tricky process — the strict rules regarding which material should go into which

Reclaimed timber frames: Embracing the environment

timber frame

In North America, people tend to build houses and many other buildings out of wood. Interestingly, craftsmen and architects have been practicing timber framing for centuries. One could say that the people of North America perfected the art of timber framing for centuries. There might be several ways of building the frame, but timber frame

3 Reasons To Switch From Plastic To Reusable Shopping Bags

reusable bags

Let us be frank and analyze the use of plastic in day-to-day uses. Be it bottle or glasses; its use has been widespread. Particularly, the plastic bags are highly used around the globe. Though people are aware of its adverse impact, its use has not been reduced even after endeavoring to promote a sustainable environment

The subtle requirements of choosing a wine barrel table that looks great in your home

wine barrel table

A wine barrel table represents one of the newest trends associated with stylish, aesthetically pleasing furniture made from recycled items. These types of tables are unique and resilient, if built properly, and they’ll never make you question your fashion sense, fitting in well regardless of the setting you buy them for. However, choosing a reliable

Using recycled glass to make your garden sparkle

Glass pebbles

If you have any old glass bottles or other glass items lying around, they make surprisingly versatile garden decorations. Our friends from Midland Stone have provided this expert guide on recycling glass products into beautiful outdoor ornaments.