The subtle requirements of choosing a wine barrel table that looks great in your home

wine barrel table

A wine barrel table represents one of the newest trends associated with stylish, aesthetically pleasing furniture made from recycled items. These types of tables are unique and resilient, if built properly, and they’ll never make you question your fashion sense, fitting in well regardless of the setting you buy them for.

However, choosing a reliable table or building one yourself is not that easy. You will have to keep track of a few important factors that will decide whether your table will not only be stylish, but also durable and built to last.

What Is a Wine Barrel Table?

As the name would suggest, wine barrel tables are furniture items made from genuine, wooden wine barrels. Most are constructed out of oak barrels, and are representative of a new trend that has people lining up to ensure their furniture uses sustainable recycled materials, instead of contributing to deforestation.

In the past even the sturdiest and best wine barrels were thrown away. Now many advocates of recycled furniture have tapped into the ingenious approach of using these resources for building uniquely shaped wine barrel furniture items.

Aside from tables, chairs, armchairs, bar stools and even more ingenious designs involving swivels and backrests were also made. The trend has caught on, and you can now boast to your friends and family about buying or building your own set of wine barrel items for a country-style home interior design.

Your Choice of a Great Wine Barrel Design

The wine barrel tables you buy and the materials used for building them are key to ensuring a favorable outcome. Whether you buy a wine barrel table with an aesthetic design or make it yourself, there are a few essential factors you have to keep in mind:

  • The wine barrels used for the table’s construction have to be made of sturdy and strong wood. Clean barrels free of any cracks or deformities are essential, and one of the strongest, most natural type of wood commonly used for these types of designs is oak.
  • The barrels have to be scrubbed clean and completely dried before they are used. If you’re building it yourself this is an essential aspect to keep track of, and if you’re buying the table, you have to make sure the manufacturer follows this important building requirement.
  • Regardless of their design, the wine barrel tables or wine barrels you buy have to come from reputable dealers that can offer good enough quality. is a good example of a supplier that takes wine barrel construction very seriously.

The question of whether to buy or make your own wine barrel furniture will be, of course, up to you. Personal preference aside, however, there are already many beautiful designs available on the market, and you can be sure some of them are built to last for literally decades. Our personal favorite wine barrel furniture designer is The Hungarian Workshop. Their timeless, beautiful wine barrel furniture is a work of art.

As long as you follow the simple recommendations mentioned above, you can make sure your wine barrel tables stand out from the crowd. Choosing a good wine barrel table will then be as easy as 1-2-3.