Using planters to add something special to your garden


We all want our outdoor space to look its best whether it be a front garden or the back. But it can be hard to think of ways to add something special, a bit of drama, texture and colour.

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One way that’s incredibly useful is with planters. Planters are great because they can be made from a variety of materials. Of course, all of them have the same function, and the material that they are made from will really depend on the overall look that you want in your garden.

To help you to understand more about how planters can really add into your garden, we have put together some of the ways that we think that more and more of us should be using planters to really make a difference.

You can grow your veggies in them

Love the idea of being relatively self-sufficient? Why not use planters in your garden to grow yourself some amazing veggies? Not only are they great fun, but they also look awesome too. Adding colour to your garden, colour that you can then turn into an amazing dinner or lunch.

You can create a symmetrical look

Who doesn’t love a bit of symmetry in their life? Symmetry is great for those that love a balanced approach to design, and by using planters you can create some great lines in your outdoor space.

Work in your artistic side

If you are a fan of a touch of garden art, then a planter doesn’t just have to be a place to display your plants. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, some of which feature intricate designs, making them a piece of art themselves. They look even better when you add in the colour of flowers to the mix.

Add some drama

Planters don’t always have to be perfectly balanced though. In fact, sometimes you can just let them do their own thing. If you like the idea of catching the eye with something a little bit different, then use a tall and slender planter, along with a plant that will drape over the side as it grows. This creates a really beautiful and simple to maintain look.

Use all the space that you have


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Planters don’t always have to be on the floor. In fact, the great thing about them is that they allow you to get creative. Short on space, but still like the idea of having one in your garden? Why not hang them up and create some colour and texture, without you losing any of your precious floor space! Not only that, at the right size, planters can fit on ledges, tables and more. You can even have tall planters of various sizes that can sit at waist height.

Bring them indoors

Who said that planters are only for outside? Not us! In fact, those that don’t have any outdoor space at all don’t have to face a world without plants. There are smaller and lighter versions of planters out there, specifically designed to work inside your home. Not only can you have some lovely colours inside, but if you plant herbs such as mint, sage and lavender then you will have some delicious smells too.

Have them on the table

Plenty of us have garden furniture now. Especially if we like the idea of combining our outdoor space with our family time. Garden tables can sometimes need something a little extra, so why not add in some planters on the table top. Creating an interesting focal point that everyone will love to sit around.

Planters have a wide range of uses, some of which you may not have thought of yourself. Why not try them out for yourself and see what you can create? You may be surprised by the beauty and style that planters can bring to your garden or home.


Author Bio

Josh Andrews currently works for IOTA Home and Garden, he is currently re-designing his own garden ready for the Summer barbeque season!