Different types of wood used for making wooden planter boxes

wooden planter box

Wood planter box are the easiest and simplest way to cultivate your little farm without spending much. You can fill these wood planter box with soil and seeds, water them to watch them blooming in your planter box. There are different woods through which a planter box can be made to give different characteristic to

DIY ideas for planters and other garden fixtures


Adding planters to your outdoor living area, whether atop a stone patio or as edging on bare grass, is a great way to improve the look of your space. These planters are not only interesting to look at but easy to work in as you don’t have to get so close to the ground! Below

5 tips to building a garden box with wood

garden box

Ever wanted to plant flowers or vegetables in your backyard but didn’t know where to start from or how to go about getting the supplies you need? Well, there is an easier way. You can use a garden box. It is super convenient and you can place it wherever you want within your compound. Want

Building a window box planter from scratch

window box

A garden is not the only place you can grow your flowers. Window planter boxes also provide a great alternative on which flowers can bloom and add life to your home’s exterior design. I chose to work on this project for one simple reason. Window boxes are rarely sketched up in new home designs. For

Using planters to add something special to your garden


We all want our outdoor space to look its best whether it be a front garden or the back. But it can be hard to think of ways to add something special, a bit of drama, texture and colour. Top image source One way that’s incredibly useful is with planters. Planters are great because they