Must-have tools for DIYers: Tools that make home improvement easy


There are two things that every DIY enthusiast must have – creativity and tools. One does not work without the other.

If you’re keen on taking a do-it-yourself approach to home improvements, you’ll need some necessary tools for DIYers – here’s a list to get you started!

Building A Toolbox: 10 Must-Have Tools For DIYers


Assembling a proper toolbox can be pricey, so opt for buying the basic stuff first, and make your collection as you go. Add something to your toolbox with each new project, and soon you’ll have all the must-have tools for DIYers!

Cover The Basics First

1. Tape Measure And A Level

I decided to put the two together because they pretty much serve the same purpose – keeping things even, both regarding measurements and alignment.

2. Screwdriver Set

Think about all the things in your home that are held together with screws – it’s no wonder they’ll be the tools you’ll reach for most often!

Extra tip:

You’ll need various sizes of both flat and Philips-head screwdrivers. If space is an issue, get a multi-bit screwdriver, instead.

3. Hammer

You can’t call it a toolbox until it has a hammer in it – you’ll need it to drive nails in, pry them out, or to whack things that need whacking. Whatever the case may be, you’ll need a hammer to deliver a mighty blow.

4. Adjustable Wrench

I mentioned nails and screws, now let’s talk about nuts and bolts – you’ll need a wrench if you want to get them to budge. An adjustable one allows you to change its size according to your needs!

Extra tip:

One adjustable wrench is a great starting point, but two different-sized ones are always better.

5. Pliers

A good set of pliers will have you covered for most jobs around your home, and, in some instances, can even take on a role of a wrench. Cutting wires, pulling out nails, loosening nuts are all jobs for pliers.

Advanced Tools

1. Electric Drill

Sure, you’ll make do without a drill, especially if you have the option of borrowing one from your neighbor, but in the long run, it’s better to have this two-in-one tool in your toolbox.

Extra tip:

A cordless drill might be expensive, but the convenience is worth every penny!

2. Palm Sander

If you plan on working with wood, a palm sander is a definite must-have for smoothing out rough surfaces and sanding down edges, as well as giving your creations a “distressed” look.

3. Jigsaw

When it comes to cutting curved lines and specific shapes, there’s no better type of saw for the job than a jigsaw – period.

Extra tip:

Get a jigsaw with a laser guide, and make things a lot easier on yourself.

4. Table Saw

For an advanced DIYer, a table saw is an irreplaceable piece of equipment. Working with long pieces of wood requires steady, precise cuts your jigsaw simply isn’t cut out to do.

Plus, you’ll feel like a real pro using it!

5. Nail Gun

As long as you’re serious about this whole DIY home improvement business, getting a nail gun might not be such a crazy idea. Yes, you can use a hammer, but when you find yourself driving more than ten nails in a row, you’ll see what I mean.

Now That’s A Toolbox

Safety should be the first and most important thing you take into account before taking on any DIY projects. Gloves, goggles, and dust masks are vital must-have tools for DIYers – everything else comes in second.

Have fun, and most importantly, stay safe!