Pros, cons, & costs of James Hardie siding

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Despite the fact that Hardie board siding is quite expensive, it’s really popular not only in the US but also in other countries all over the world.

This cement board siding is a significant feature of American houses. However, we shouldn’t forget about the disadvantages of this material. So, should you buy James Hardie Siding or not? We are going to consider this issue more precisely and make your final decision a bit easier. So, let’s do this!

The main benefits of James Hardie Siding

First, we will consider the main benefits of James Hardie Siding. In fact, they are quite obvious like:


This siding type has already become a significant feature of American cities. It looks stylish and even a bit luxurious. If you choose James Hardie Siding, Legacy siding in Delaware can guarantee that your house will become significantly cozier. Moreover, don’t forget that you can choose different colors. The full assortment is unlimited and there is also 15 years warranty. Just imagine your house, Hardie siding, perfectly trimmed lawn, and the small fence. It’s like a movie about the American dream.

Fire resistance

It’s an ideal alternative for people who live in southern states and who are looking for a house siding. The fact is that this material is made of cement and sand and that’s why it’s fire resistant. So, if you buy James Hardie Siding, you also buy your safety.


In most cases, companies provide a 50-year warranty for Hardie board siding, that’s why you should worry about your investment. Just choose a reliable company such as Legacy Service which has already proven its reputation in order to be sure that your siding will be durable.

What about the disadvantages?


Of course, you should also forget about the main disadvantage of James Hardie Siding. We are talking about the price of this material. In most cases, the final sum can be even more than several thousand dollars. Moreover, don’t forget that you cannot install this siding without any additional help. You will be forced to hire professionals in this sphere who will be ready to solve your problem within tight timeframes. For example, you can refer to Legacy siding in Delaware because this company manages to maintain the best prices.

Finally, you should also understand that you have to repaint siding from time to time. Even despite the fact that there is a 15-year warranty, you will be forced to spend your money again in the future.