5 Reasons Why You Need an AVR Unit for Your Sewage Treatment Plant

Are you having trouble with your domestic sewage treatment plant noise? Well, so are thousands of people all over the country. For a long time, there was no solution to the problem of a noisy sewage treatment plant. However, there is now and it’s called an AVR unit. A relatively new product that is a

5 Tips To Help Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains in your home are always an inconvenience. They not only smell bad but they can also cause long lasting problems to your plumbing system. Avoiding blocked drains in London will mean you do not need to use chemical drain unblockers on a regular basis, reducing the effects on the environment. Here are some

ACO Drain Installation Guide

ACO drain

ACO drains are a popular type of channel drain (sometimes called a linear drain), which drains surface water from paved, tarmacked or concrete surfaces, then redirects it to a main drainage system. ACO drains connect to your existing underground drainage, usually via an existing piece of above ground pipe connected to your underground drain. Installing

Tips for unblocking outside drains

blocked drain

Blocked drains can create serious issues for homeowners and could lead to structural damage, flooding, foul smells, and a build-up of potentially harmful bacteria in areas surrounding the blockage. If the drain is within the boundaries of your property, then it’s your responsibility and not that of your local water and drainage company to ensure

How can soakaways improve your home’s land drainage?


If you’re looking to improve your home’s ability to deal with flooding and waterlogging, then a soakaway could be the perfect choice for you. Soakaways can help to eliminate a wide range of water-related problems in your garden, including some issues relating to blocked drains. Giving your property a high-performing water removal solution to prevent

Understanding yard drain maintenance and repair

drain maintenance

Very few home owners can simply ignore standing water in their yards. Stagnant pools are unsightly and create several problems including flooding, mud, stench and insects. Creating a yard drain requires a lot planning and hard work, but maintaining and repairing an existing drainage system does not have to be difficult. The structure of a

Underground drainage for your garden

garden drainage

There are a few reasons why you might need overground or underground drainage in your garden – you may have underground springs, or surface water from higher elevations, draining into your garden. You may find that rain pools on the surface for several hours, or that all or part of your lawn is permanently waterlogged.