5 Tips To Help Prevent Blocked Drains

Blocked drains in your home are always an inconvenience. They not only smell bad but they can also cause long lasting problems to your plumbing system. Avoiding blocked drains in London will mean you do not need to use chemical drain unblockers on a regular basis, reducing the effects on the environment. Here are some simple tips that can help you to prevent your drains from becoming blocked.

1. Brushing Hair

Brushing your hair before you have a shower is a good idea, especially if you have long hair. It helps to get rid of all the loose hairs so that not as much of your hair falls into the drain and blocks it, whilst you are showering. Although it seems like a small task it can make a huge difference to your drainage.

2. Drain Protectors

Drain protectors are a tool that you place over your plug hole in the sink, shower or bath. The purpose of these is to catch anything that may cause a blockage, and then make it easy to clean. Before you get the drain protector, ensure you have measured the diameter of the plug hole so that the protector works effectively.

3. Enzyme Cleaning Sticks

An enzyme stick is a small stick made up of natural enzymes that you put through your plughole, it then works to break down fat, grease and soap residue. They are a great tool to use to unblock your drains and remove the bad smell. They work for up to one month and work best if your sink has a U-bend.

4. Don’t Flush Non-Toilet Paper Products

As most of us already know, it isn’t a great idea to flush anything other than toilet roll down the toilet. Sanitary products such as pads and tampons aren’t flushable, however many people think that they are. The effects of these can be detrimental to your drainage system, so it is wise to ensure that you have bins available in your toilets so there is no need for these items to be flushed.

5. Avoid Home Remedies

Finding home remedies online can seem like a great idea, however they can very often be a waste of time and not work at all. The most common home remedy is salt, bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, however when this has been tested it doesn’t seem to work to remove food or hair from the drains. If you would like to try something, opt for something from the shops over your home made recipe.

Helpful? We hope so

Although many of these may seem obvious, trying to prevent the issues is much easier than trying to clear the drains once the damage has been done. If you already follow all of these tips, it could be wise to ensure your family/ the people you live with are doing the same.