Visofold 1000 – Beautiful, modern bi-folding door review

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Installing bifold doors as the separator between two rooms is a great idea. It would be even better if you can create a new atmosphere thanks to this unique door design. For example, you can use it as the temporary separator between the garden and your room or kitchen. Now, speaking about this kind of

Why you should consider glass splashbacks for your modern kitchen

There are numerous alternatives like ceramics, quartz, etc. to install behind your countertop but no other material offers you the same practicality and style as glass splashback does. The glass splashback can easily improve any kitchen style. Image credit: A kitchen is the most significant part of any home. You can do without any

Decorating your home with glass: 5 hacks

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Many people have an interest in decoration and design – and when it comes to home décor, people become very interested in decorating their homes. We all say and know that home is a place where is our heart stays, our happiness stays, our memories stay and our family stays together. This is the reason

The benefits of custom tempered glass in interior settings

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The use of glass in the construction of houses has become common today. Most homeowners refer using glass so that they can introduce a unique warmness and vibrancy within the living space. The trendy glasses are used in the creation of a variety of items within homes — for instance, the installation of glass windows,