Why you should consider glass splashbacks for your modern kitchen

There are numerous alternatives like ceramics, quartz, etc. to install behind your countertop but no other material offers you the same practicality and style as glass splashback does. The glass splashback can easily improve any kitchen style.

Image credit: mkwsurfaces.co.uk

A kitchen is the most significant part of any home. You can do without any other room; however, it’s impossible to live in a house without a kitchen. Nonetheless, you need your kitchen to be decorated the same way as other rooms in the house.

The good thing about the decorative kitchen work today is that it’s functional as well. When it comes to practical decors, there is nothing more significant than a splashback. It’s the area just behind your cooking stove, where most of the spillage is done while preparing different dishes.

If you want to add the most stylish splashback to your kitchen, it’s best to choose the glass splashbacks. This is because the glass splashbacks have numerous advantages over other materials, including kitchen worktops quartz, tiles, mosaic, timber, etc. Here are some noteworthy reasons to pick glass splashbacks for your kitchen:

1. Trendy Looks

The practicality of splashbacks matters indeed. However, another major reason to install splashbacks is to make your kitchen appear stylish and trendy. No other material can accomplish those two objectives as the glass splashback does. You can create endless designs using glass splashbacks and your creative mind. Individuals like to utilize contrasting colours behind these glass splashbacks to make them appear more striking. The most common colours that are known to give the best outcomes are blue, red, lime and purple. So, add any of these colours underneath the glass splashback to transform your cooking space completely.

2. Convenient to Install

Something that trouble most homeowners is the time required to install splashbacks.  Until the complete installation process, you can’t cook in the given area. Mosaic and tiles require a great deal of effort and time for installation. But if you install glass splashback in your kitchen, it’s an easy and convenient option. After that, the glass piece can be installed within a few minutes. The expert technicians install it professionally using screws or strong glue.

3. Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the greatest worries in the kitchen is maintenance. Anything that’s near the stove is going to turn dark over a period. The oil or grease is more stubborn to remove from a surface than you may think. But to get rid of your woes, a glass surface is just perfect. It is as flat as you can imagine. This makes it super easy to clean, even with a simple piece of fabric and some cleaning agent. The glass surface is non-porous and this means there won’t be stains due to spillage of any sort of food item like lemon, wine, etc. Therefore, the maintenance of this worktop surface is also easy.

4. Customisation Options

glass splashbacks

Image credit: mkwsurfaces.co.uk

Glass splashbacks come in a wide range of patterns and colours. Your customisation options are endless today. From their shading to the print, you can choose pretty much whatever makes your glass splashback an astounding expansion to your kitchen. The kitchen worktops direct splashbacks are available in any desired colour you want so that you can match them with your kitchen interior perfectly.

5. Protection from Heat

You may think the glass isn’t the best material to handle the hot spot as a kitchen splashback. But truth be told, toughened glass is one of the most appropriate materials to install as your kitchen splashback. Choose the fabricators carefully to ensure they provide you with good information about the strength of the glass you’ve chosen. If you pick the right glass splashback, even temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius won’t harm its surface.

At last, you need to realize that glass is available in various characteristics too. When installed in any creative manner, glass splashback offers numerous advantages. But ensure you think about its thickness and transparency before settling in. If you want to make the most out of your kitchen lighting, a glass splashback is an ideal decision. It will reflect enough light to make the whole area appear energetic and alive.