Things to consider before buying an old house

old house

When it comes to buying a house, everyone has different kinds of tastes and priorities. You have got a lot of options when it comes to modern-day buildings and high-rise apartments, but there is a unique charm about the old and vintage house that brings out the beauty in that place. Purchasing an old homemade

How important is it to keep your house painted?

painting house

Home is your safe haven where you can unwind after a tiring day to give rest to your tired soul and feet. Just as there is a lot of emotion involved with your nest, similarly, talking about the practical aspects, you must keep your house well maintained. And this includes the paint should be fresh

5 essential home-building tips for first-time owners

building a new house

Building a home in Perth doesn’t need to be a frightening experience for first-time homeowners. Here are five tips for a stress-free home-building process from start to finish. Educate yourself Before you begin this adventure, educate yourself about what it takes to build your own home, from choosing a good piece of land to hiring

House design trends 2018: Building your dream home

house designs

Home is where the heart is. But not just the heart – it is also an extension of your personality. Owning a dream house is one of the most popular long-term goals of any youngster starting their career. It is not surprising that one spends a considerable amount of time planning the design. The architecture

How will the rise in UK garden villages impact outdoor trends?

garden city

Soon, the UK will be home to a huge increase of garden villages and towns (these are new communities built on brownfield land and surrounded by greenery). With millions of pounds in funding going towards the construction of nearly 20 new sites, how will this rise in homeowners and private outdoor spaces affect future gardening