These 5 smart home technology trends can help you save you money

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Many online reviews and surveys have revealed that some smart home trends can actually help you to save money. A lot of people today are interested in buying or living in homes with amazing smart home technology, and recent studies show that it is cost-effective, safer and healthy to live in such homes. We shall

Key DIY security inspection hacks to keep your home safe from break-ins

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These days it feels as though homeowners are really having to go above and beyond when it comes to keeping their home secure and safe from break-ins. Not only is it necessary to use theft deterrent products such as alarm systems and more advanced locks on doors and windows, but it’s also necessary to take

How to secure and monitor your garden – The smart way

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Most of us are somewhat aware of the smart home and how it can make our lives easier, but what about the outside of our homes? The truth is securing and monitoring our gardens is a bit of an afterthought if it’s thought about at all. Would it surprise you to know that making the