3 tips for attracting candidates in the interior design industry

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In today’s interior design industry, there’s not enough talent to go around. Companies are continuing to look for highly-qualified candidates, most of whom are not actively job seeking. So attracting good candidates has become more important than ever for interior design recruiters. At M&Y Interiors, a group of interior designers in Hertfordshire, we have many

When to hire tree services for an old backyard tree

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Trees can make a house or property look attractive. Aside from the aesthetics, trees may also be used to block the view of passersby, providing privacy to the home dwellers. They can also protect a house from the harsh direct sunlight, saving energy costs. Plus, kids love to play under the shade of a tree.

5 tips for choosing a good arborist


When picking an arborist you should not only go for a good arborist but a certified arborist. It is important to find an arborist who is knowledgeable about the care and maintenance of trees. A wrong choice can lead to injuries and damage property and therefore you need to pick an arborist with the right

What to consider when hiring a garden designer

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There are many benefits which a backyard can give you. Aside from adding value to your property, your backyard can be an excellent place for outdoor activities which allows family and friends to bond together. Gardening in your backyard can also be an excellent physical and mental exercise – perfect when you want to relieve

5 resources to keep on file for your home maintenance needs

home maintenance resources

Your abode is the perhaps the first place you run to after a long day after work.  You also get to spend most of your free time at home with family and friends. Consequently, you must ensure that your home stays in almost perfect condition by providing that it undergoes periodic maintenance. Also, your home

Plumber hiring 101: What to ask a prospective plumber


Since last week, your kitchen sink has been clogged. Whenever you wash fruits and vegetables, it takes so much time before the water drains. This has caused delay whenever you’re preparing meals for your family. It’s the same story with your bathroom sink and shower drain as well. Whenever you’re using your shower, you always

5 essential things to know about hiring a tree pruning service

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Trees have many uses in a home. They provide shade when the sun gets too hot. They also help in purifying the air within your compound. Moreover, they keep bad winds at bay and make your landscape more appealing. However, trees are vulnerable to diseases and damages that are caused by weather or humans. When

How to find a “legit” landscaping business for your landscape project

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We often see the credentials “licensed, bonded and insured” proudly attached to a company name. But what does this mean? How are they different? And why are they all important? Bonded If a contractor is bonded, it means it’s looking out for its customers. Period. Because it means the contractor has secured a surety bond.