What to consider when hiring a garden designer

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There are many benefits which a backyard can give you. Aside from adding value to your property, your backyard can be an excellent place for outdoor activities which allows family and friends to bond together. Gardening in your backyard can also be an excellent physical and mental exercise – perfect when you want to relieve stress after a tough day at school or work.

However, when your backyard is not well-maintained or poorly-designed, you won’t be able to experience any of these benefits. In fact, your backyard can even cause stress, become an eyesore and adversely affect the value of your property over time. If you want to give your backyard an upgrade or improve how it looks, hiring garden designers might be the best solution for you.

Many garden designers are operating in different parts of the globe. Oxfordgardendesign.co.uk, for example, provides gardening services to homeowners around Oxfordshire, England. Regardless of where you’re living right now, there will be a handful of professionals who can take care of your backyard. And while it might be convenient to hire one which offers the cheapest services immediately, it’s not the best way to go. Price is important but shouldn’t be the only deciding factor. If you want to end up hiring the best garden designers for your backyard, consider the following:

1. Services offered

Determining the services offered by the garden designers should be on top of your list. Once you have this information, you’ll be able to assess if a garden designer is suitable for your gardening needs which can save both parties time and resources. You’ll be able to narrow down your search easier and faster. Generally, garden designers offer services which fall into these main categories:

  • Design only: When garden designers are only involved in the design, they will assess your backyard and have a discussion to know what your needs are. With this information, garden designers can come up with a design, revise this whenever necessary and provide a detailed master plan for your garden. Once you approve the design, the document will be given to you or to the landscape contractor (if you hire one).
  • Design-build: Aside from designing, some garden designers are also involved in the implementation of their designs. If you hired a landscape contractor, the garden designers would oversee the plant purchases, and installation required. Most often than not, garden designers can also provide recommendations about the landscape contractors which you can hire.
  • Full service: If you want your backyard to be managed thoroughly by professionals, hire garden a landscaping company who offer a full service – for example FSBD (see https://fsbd.co/services/creative-decks/). They provide the design, oversee the implementation and manage the maintenance of your backyard. They’ll basically do everything on your behalf, which lessens your responsibility in the long run.

2. Previous work

Many garden designers have mastered the art of sweet talking in order to win customers. If you’re hiring garden designers for the first time, don’t fall victim to strategies like these. Instead, ask for copies of their previous work. These can support any of their claims and can help you set your expectations. When you’re able to see the previous work of these garden designers, you can also assess if they can execute the design you have in your head. If you want your backyard to have a clean-lined city garden, were they able to design any of these before? Or if you want to have a cottage-style garden, do they have adequate knowledge of plants for you to achieve your vision?

3. Garden consultations

Some garden designers offer an hour of garden consultation. During this consultation, the garden designer will visit your property, walk around with you, discuss what you want to accomplish in your backyard and determine if all of these are actually feasible. This is the best time to know if both parties are fit to work with each other. However, don’t expect that this consultation is free of charge. You’ll be spending an hour of a professional’s time so make sure that you prepare an appropriate budget for this.

4. Ideas for the garden

Garden designers who’ve been working in the industry for decades have probably seen a lot of backyard transformations. Even if you already have an idea of what you want your backyard to look like, it never hurts to ask ideas from the garden designers. They are professionals in the field, so they’re the best people to talk to when it comes to your gardening needs. Their suggestions might improve your current design, or they might even provide better ideas from what you originally planned. Communication is key during the process. You should let the garden designers know what you want, and you should also consider what they have to say.

5. Cost

The cost is vital to your decision. As early as possible, discuss with the garden designers the estimated cost of their services. While you’re at it, inquire what could be the possible factors which can affect the cost. This information will give you an idea of the appropriate budget to prepare so you’ll not end up with a backyard which is either half-baked or incomplete.

You should also know the type of payment these garden designers prefer. There’s nothing more frustrating than scouting for several ATMs around town because you just found out that the garden designers you hired don’t accept credit card as payment.

garden designers

6. Duration of the installation

When gardening is already a part of your system, not being able to use it even for a day can become torture. However, since you’re eyeing to hire garden designers, remember that you can’t simply request to speed up the process. There are many factors involved such as the weather, materials, and plants used and the size of your backyard. These still don’t include the unexpected setbacks along the way. Instead of asking the garden designers an exact date of when the installation will be done, ask for an estimated range for the project to be completed. Remember, high-quality work requires time and skills. This timeline can also help you determine if the garden designers can live up to its promises.

7. Maintenance required

Hiring garden designers don’t come cheap. This is especially true if you have a spacious backyard or if you want your backyard to have intricate designs. Be upfront with the garden designers and ask them about how you can possibly maintain your backyard after it was professionally made. The amount of maintenance required is your guarantee that your backyard can flourish and grow in the coming years. Additionally, ask the garden designers you’ve hired if they have recommendations on maintenance gardeners who can take care of your backyard going forward.

The Pros Know Best

Your backyard is part of your property. Regardless of how modern or clean your home is, if your backyard looks the complete opposite, all of your efforts will be worthless; the overall condition of your backyard can drastically affect the value of your property. Fortunately, you don’t have to do everything on your own – there are now garden designers who can make things easier and more convenient for you. With their training and experience, you’ll be able to finally enjoy a backyard which is not only aesthetically pleasing but a backyard which upgrades your property as well.