When to hire tree services for an old backyard tree

tree services

Trees can make a house or property look attractive. Aside from the aesthetics, trees may also be used to block the view of passersby, providing privacy to the home dwellers. They can also protect a house from the harsh direct sunlight, saving energy costs. Plus, kids love to play under the shade of a tree. Trees indeed add value to a house or property.

On the other hand, trees can also cause dangers to your health and property if they are not taken care of properly and checked regularly. Trees can become unstable and hazardous because of various factors. To prevent any untoward damage, you have to take care of your trees and call a tree service professional when needed.

When do you call a tree service? The following are some situations that warrant calling a tree service professional:

1. Fallen tree

tree services

Harsh weather conditions, such as storms and strong winds, can knock down or uproot a tree. Also, heavy rains that soften the soil and cause soil erosion can also make a tree unstable, causing it to lean or fall.

A fallen tree may obstruct your path and, worse, may fall into your house, car, and other properties, which is a dangerous and damaging situation. It is advisable that you call a tree service right away to remove the fallen or uprooted tree to avoid any harm and discomfort.

2. Tree disease

Sometimes, a tree may acquire diseases. Among these diseases are twig cankers, needle diseases, leaf spots, dead branches, and powdery mildews. Fungi cause these tree diseases as well as cold injury, sunscald, boring insect damage, and physical injury to the tree. These things can make trees unhealthy, which may cause them to lean or fall. A tree professional can evaluate if the tree needs to be removed or if other actions need to be done.

3. Grand height

Trees can grow very tall that they may reach the power lines or block the sunlight. If any of these situations happen, it is time to call a tree service to prune or trim the trees to prevent any electrical damages and dangers to you and the neighborhood.

4. Old stump

tree services

Old tree stumps left in your backyard may seem harmless until they become breeding grounds for pests, acquire diseases, or become tripping and lawn-care hazards. They can be eyesores, too. It is best to remove or ground tree stumps so you can make good use of your yard and prevent any untoward circumstances. A tree service can do this task efficiently. Removing old stumps can also pave the way to new trees.

5. Low branches

Sometimes, a tree may have low branches that can cause inconvenience to you and your family. Let a tree professional prune these low branches properly for you to keep you safe and comfortable and also maintain the health of the tree.

You must contact a tree professional right away to prevent discomfort and further damages if you encounter any of these situations. Experienced tree professionals such as www.wnytreeservices.com can help you prune, trim, and remove unstable trees. Call them immediately to ensure you and your family’s comfort and safety.