The 5-step checklist before starting a house renovation

home renovation

You haven’t made a plan yet? Are you unsure of what you should and shouldn’t include in the blueprint? Read on to get a foolproof plan for successful home renovation.

The home renovation project is quite risky for the first-timers, so it is good to think over a careful plan. Therefore, following a logical sequence for home renovation works to overcome risks as well as losses. All you need to do is, prepare a perfect yet realistic plan that includes everything from costs to time schedules. Here is a 5-step checklist for you to consider before starting a home renovation project.

Plan Out the Designs First

Before drawing a sketch or listing the items you need for renovation, you must take into consideration the choices of all the family members. You need to have a clear vision of what you want this renovation project to do to your house. What specified areas need to be renovated and upgraded? The more specific choices you will make, the more perfect your home renovation project will be.


If you are a first-timer, take inspiration from Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media apps. Select a trending color scheme and design for your new home. Buy samples to check if it clicks you before carrying out the final renovation.

Find The Best Contractor

Once you have planned it out, you need the best contractor to do the job for you. Ask for recommendations from your friends, family, as well as related online platforms. However, before you hand over the project to the contractor, make sure that he has the certifications, insurance, and experience.

Structural Planning

Decide on what you want to upgrade, repair, install, or fix in the house. Moreover, the bigger things should be handled first so that their impact on subsequent things can be handled in a skillful manner.Think over the installation of central heating and air-conditioning units. Installing a solar panel is a great option as well. Other than that, you can replace the damaged windows, creaking furniture, and weakened walls. Also, pay attention to the plumbing and electrical wiring system of the house.

Formulate A Contract

Formulate a contract that details the time schedule, the cost and the advance payments, small and big projects that are assigned to the contractor, and insurance policies of the contractor as well as subcontractors. Also, mention the penalties that will be applied on the contractor in case of improper work, accidental damage to the house or usage of low-quality material.

Count The Costs

Last but not least, consider the costs of even a single nail that will be used for repairs. Be prepared for unexpected costs and have some saved amount for unanticipated bills. You need to have a detailed financial plan with all the payment schedules, advances, and daily costs. Even when the project is under process, update it regularly to keep the finances in check. Over and above that, this counting of costs will help you cut down on what is unnecessary during the renovation project. You can skip on things that can be handled later on.

After all, it’s your dream house and you must cross-check everything before diving into the process.

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