The best tools for servicing your car

car repairs

Tools are necessary for a service station specialist as well as many car owners who prefer to repair their cars. Some equipment is characterized by functionality and can be used while working at home.

Tools can be purchased in a hardware store or found in automotive shops. Another convenient place for searching automotive tools is an online-shop. Our online-shop presents a wide assortment of such equipment as well as many other useful accessories for car maintenance and repair. Typical hand tools for car repair include spanners and wrenches, open-end and torque wrenches, multi-bit screwdrivers, hammers, utility knives, pliers and files. Many common tools are sold in sets, which help to avoid searching for each tool separately. It is convenient to store them in trolleys, which can be also used as a table for parts disassembling, or in drawers. Another category of essential tools is power tools. It is presented by drills, screw guns, grinders, heat guns, polishers, power screwdrivers, sheet metal shear, etc. Tools can be stationary or portable, for instance, vices or drilling machines can be mounted on a working table. Moreover, there are tools for measuring and diagnostics: videoscopes, borescopes, thermometers, micrometers, calipers and gauges. The Autodoc catalogue includes accessories for discs and pipes stripping, punching, deburring, flaring, milling, nut splitting, pipe bending and cutting, soldering, various pullers and extractors and other release tools. Such building tools as putty knives, scrapers, clamps, crowbars, beam pullers, shovels, spatulas, wood chisels, saws and tools for riveting can be purchased here too.

No matter if you are going to organize a car service station or just repair your car in the garage, you can purchase all necessary tools and accessories in online-shop.