The evolution of blinds


Could you imagine a hot summers day without being able to block out the sunshine? Well, probably not. Let’s delve into some interesting history of a common everyday household object, blinds!

Everything You Need to Know About Blinds

Blinds nowadays are an indispensable device in shielding your house from sunlight, but not everyone knows that blinds were first invented to hinder dust from entering people’s houses. Cool right? Today, this type of blinds is commonly known as roman blinds. The word “roman” is not accidentally there in the name. The blinds date back from the Roman Empire, and even if Rome is a sunny city, their primary purpose was not the protection of houses from the bright light. Roman blinds appeared during the construction of Colosseum when people struggled with the dust and dirt that invaded their homes. To keep the dust at bay, people started covering their windows with pieces of wet cloth and even animal skin. Nobody was to know at that time that their clever yet simple idea would turn into an extravagant device with smart features that secure the windows in almost every house and office, and generally in each public building.

Everything evolved step by step. People have begun to realise that the piece of cloth also cools their houses, and keeps the excessive sunlight away. It is when the popularity of the blinds grew incredibly fast. People eagerly bought the device, which increased the competition between producers, obligating them to make their blinds better than others.

This boom in popularity brought about new designs and smart features. The blinds appeared in high-quality fabric adorned with lavish trimmings, They became more elegant, acting like an embellishing accessory to the interior design of the house, but at the same time, they provided a higher level of security and were easier to handle, and more convenient in use. New features as drumsticks and pull cords helped the house owners lift and draw down the blinds as they wished, regulating the amount of light and heat that they wanted to reach their house. You can shop for blinds and curtains online here.

What About Roller Blinds?

Another type of blinds that stepped up the game were roller blinds. These are pieces of fabric that wrap around a casing placed above the window, and they fit exactly the window frame.

Roller blinds are super practical being moisture and flame resistant, at the same time being available in a myriad of colours and patterns that make them a gorgeous addition to the design of your house. You can also use motorised controls to regulate remotely the blinds. This allows you to control your house even when you are not home. And if roller blinds are a hybrid between manual and motorised control, automated blinds are totally motorised systems that are equipped with smart security and functioning mechanisms that make them into real computers that require a minimum of your implication in their operation. You have a remote control with which you set your preferred modes and leave the blinds to work on their own. You can choose various shades, night and day regimes, and automated evaluation of the weather outside for adjusting the amount of light and heat entering your house properly.