The many aspects of tree trimming and pruning

tree pruning

Tree trimming and pruning is definitely not a simple DIY activity that you can complete in your leisure time with just a pair of shears. In fact it is a very critical process best left to qualified and trained arborists. Over trimming can deprive a tree or shrub of basic nutrients while under pruning will not achieve the desired look and effect. You should get in touch with local professional tree care services if you want your garden to have that dream look.

There are essentially two objectives for tree trimming and pruning. The first is landscape management where your garden is given a look that will make it the envy of the neighbourhood. Special care is given to structural integrity, looks and overall health of the trees and shrubs being pruned. The second is hazard reduction and management. There are many aspects to it. Branches and limbs often grow to touch utility wires above and this can be a risk if the top is not pruned. Again when trees grow beyond your boundaries, they should be trimmed to keep the foliage within the garden as otherwise it will be a hazard for pedestrians and motorists on the road outside your home.

However, it is recommended that local tree care agencies be involved in the process to make the exercise really effective. For example if you are a resident of the Shire of Mornington Peninsula, a local Government area in Victoria, Australia, look for agencies offering tree services in your area. Those providing services for tree pruning in Mornington Peninsula will be aware of local conditions and can plan out trimming activities accordingly.

Benefits of tree trimming

There are a number of benefits in carrying out periodical tree trimming and pruning.

  • For Tree Health – This ensures healthy growth of trees as broken, deceased and dead branches are trimmed away to prevent decay producing fungi in one part of the tree from spreading to other areas and affecting the whole tree. Further, dense foliage within the tree structure should be trimmed to make way for increased sunlight penetration and air circulation.
  • For Improving Structure – Pruning of young trees is also known as development trimming. It helps young plants grow up with the desired branch architecture and structural integrity so that they will not need additional support as the landscape matures at a later stage into what you desire from your garden.
  • For Security and Safety – Established tree care services such as Jim’s Mowing in Mornington Peninsula carry out safety audits of hazardous trees. These are ones that have low hanging limbs that can be a danger for pedestrians or motorists. It also includes evaluating trees with deceased and dead limbs that can break off in severe storms and inclement weather. These branches especially those of trees in public places have to be necessarily pruned for safety of lives below.

These are some of the important reasons why tree trimming is considered to be one of the main tree care activities.

Types of tree pruning

There are various classifications of tree pruning but one thing is common to all. Not more than 30% of live foliage should be removed at a time during pruning. This is because plants draw sustenance from sunlight and air through the leaves and trimming away large parts will leave trees weak and frail. Trained arborists will ensure this when trimming and pruning trees.

Some of the common types of tree pruning are –

  • Crown Reduction – This is done when the tree outgrows the space it is planted on. Branches are cut and shortened to a suitable point.
  • Crown Lifting – This activity requires removing lower branches of trees so that the road or path below is free of obstructions. Crown lifting does not change the overall looks of trees. However, the lower branches are thicker than the upper ones and hence the wounds are larger and take more time to heal.
  • Crown Thinning – It involves selectively removing branches throughout the crown so that there is increased penetration of sunlight and air without substantially changing the shape of the tree.

These are some of the important sides to tree trimming and pruning.