Three underrated garden tools that will help you get the best out of your lawn

garden tools

Like any good homeowner, you care about your garden. After all, your garden makes a huge impression on new visitors and neighbors. It says a lot about how well you take care of your property. But for so many home gardeners, dealing with the upkeep of their lawn is no small matter. However, they might not quite realize the amazing amount of tools at their disposal., all of which are meant to make their lives easier.

Here are three tools that you might want to consider adding to your home gardening collection:

1. A Good Wood Chipper

A wood chipper can sound a bit intimidating, but in reality this handy tool should be in every home. A wood chipper is a device that takes your large wood debris, like branches, and turns it into usable mulch.

Wood chippers can save their owners tons of headaches over many common lawn problems. A good wood chipper will last a while and make any tree removal projects a breeze. Plus, wood chippers save their owners tons in any removal fees they might have to pay for their otherwise large debris.

With a wood chipper, gardeners have the added benefit of never having to pay for mulch again, which can otherwise add up. All in all, this little device definitely is underrated in most home gardens.

2. A Reliable Edger

Next on the list is a reliable edger. Whether you choose a motorized or manual Edger is up to your gardens needs. Regardless, if you want to achieve a perfect line at the edge of your lawn you definitely need an edger to make that happen.

Edgers come in many shapes and sizes but most traditional manual edgers have a flat edge that can be plunged into the ground. This flat edge allows you to make distinct lines as you walk around and stick it in the ground.

Some modern manual edgers now even come in wheel form, looking almost like a giant pizza cutter. These new designs allow you to roll out the edge of your garden as you walk along it. However, if you want to use your edger on stones as well as grass, a traditional static edger may be the best tool for the job.

If you’re interested in a mechanical edger, then you can also use a device called a string trimmer to edge your garden. Edgers are beneficial to your garden not only because they create an aesthetically pleasing look, but because they can reach to cut grass where your motor just misses. Keeping your grass trim even at the edge can ultimately help corral, limit weed growth, and give you the healthy and full lawn you’re after.

3. A Sharp, But Safe Pruning Saw

Last on the list, but certainly not something to underestimate, is a good and sharp Pruning Saw. A pruning saw is small blade. Often with a tooth on its edge, it allows you to hack through any branch.

A compact pruning saw will let you handle specific branches with ease, which gives you a chance to curate the shape and size of your trees exactly how you’d like them. This handy tool is often an inexpensive but invaluable addition if your trees need attention. Adding a pruning saw to your toolkit doesn’t have to take yo much space either.

Many pruning saws now come in foldable or retractable forms. These convenient shapes are both great news for storage and help keep your blades protected from the elements when they sit unused between your gardening sessions.