Tips for transforming a boring room into something amazing

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Home decoration can be a fun activity if you know what you want to do and what you aim for. This is especially the case if you feel as though one of the rooms at home is getting a bit stale and dull for your liking. If you’ve ever wanted to try home improvement, and if you think you’d be into interior decorating, then here are key tips on transforming a boring room into something amazing.

The Colors Matter

Sometimes, we tend to forget that a lot of the things we consider when it comes to decorating our rooms is to make sure it’s pleasing to the eyes. Which is why it can be a surprise that people tend to stick with decorations as they are, instead of using them efficiently to create things the eyes want to see. A relevant aspect of this is choosing the right color, or the right kind of objects to give you the kind of color you want.

If you do have plans on repainting your room, make sure its the last step you choose. Of course, naturally, the tendency is to paint first before you redecorate. After all, it’s going to take time to rearrange things again after painting, right? However, the option is not ideal if you haven’t chosen the color you want everything else to go with. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tints, shades, and tones of colors available at your disposal. You have factors to consider such as lighting and other decorations as well. It’s best you finalise your plan first before heading to paint territory.

Another thing to remember is a focus works. Try to choose a particular “star” in your room and have everything focus on it. This anchors the room and everything else will follow around it. For instance, try to emphasize a painting or a decoration, so it can capture the eyes. This creates a visually appealing experience.

The Placement Works

Sometimes, we tend to forget that we don’t have to use every single decoration we have in order to make our rooms appear beautiful. We just need the right kind of balance of the tools we have and the things we’re willing to show to others. If we get this balance right, the rest can fall into place.

  • For instance, your furniture doesn’t always have to be stacked together to get yourself a good aesthetic appearance. Sometimes, overcrowding can harm your room. Inspire the appearance of generosity by letting people go around your place with ease. Consider the furniture you want to use and place them in spaces that you and other people can use and move around them successfully.
  • You can take a cue from museums if you want to use artworks to display. It’s said that when museums hang a particular piece of art, the center of the pieces should be approximately 57 to 60 inches from the floor. This is the average eye level. Even if ceilings are high, paintings and illustrations hung from this length can give a friendly ambiance.
  • If you plan on using a rug, consider the size of the room. If your room is large, then opt for a large rug, and make sure all the furnitures’ legs are on the rug. This gives it a luxurious aesthetic. Meanwhile, for smaller spaces, use smaller rugs, or at least make sure the legs of the furniture are outside the rug itself.

Remember: Consider the Bigger Picture

Before you start following the tips above for your home decoration, you should consider the kind of setup you want to have and the resources you currently possess. Chances are, you’d be doing more than adjusting your furniture and things you have at home. You may have to spend a bit for maintenance, repairs, and redecorating purposes. Here are a few other considerations:

  • Consider the kind of design you have and if it’s achievable by your current home’s look. It’s hard to transform a home that is built with traditional aesthetics in mind into something minimalist. Try to consider what your house is built to look like versus the design you want to implement.
  • If you’ve done the consideration above, consider the kind of adjustments you have to make to fulfill your design preferences. How much of a change should you do, and how much time would it take? If it’s going to take a while and consume a whole lot of chunks in your schedule, consider asking for help.
  • If you’ve considered the time factor, consider your resources. Do you need to spend a bit for repairs and a new paint job? Do you have to spend to buy more things to execute the look you want to have?


A boring room won’t stay as such given the right modifications. A room, like a body type, can be accentuated with the right kind of decoration (clothes, in the case of body types). If you start with the right strategy and the right tools, even the most “boring” of rooms can bring a dash of life into your home. Who knows, you might even start doing this to all your rooms! We hope you liked this article from Brosa.


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