Tips for turning your outdoors into a gorgeous alfresco room

Al fresco room

Learn how to create a relaxing outdoor living room with these expert tips.

When the weather outside is frightful, the smallest room in the world would do. However, come spring and summer, and the indoors just don’t suffice. We want out. Out the door, out of town, out of our clothes, out of ourselves, just OUT! We all know that the cool breeze at night and the early morning delights are best enjoyed in the perfect outdoor settings that allow you to unwind, wine and dine, or simply relax and feel sublime.

You can probably tell from my choice of words that I’m not referring to a simple set of table and chairs. I’m talking about the pieces of furniture that have the power to make you forget you have a house and make you feel as if you were meant for the outdoor living altogether. If by the end of this article you consider the following paragraphs useful pearls of wisdom, great. If not, I’ll be fighting the blues in my own wall-less slice of heaven (chuckles).

Teardrop swing chair: the jewel in the crown

Being more of a Zen capsule than a chair, this amazing outdoor addition can only make you tear up if you don’t have one. It’s not a chair, it’s not a bed, it’s not a sofa, it’s not a cloud. It’s not floating, nor is it on ground level. It’s a heavenly swinging piece that can truly add an angelic quality to your garden, all while taking you to cloud nine. Well, you aren’t actually supposed to swing on it too much, for obvious reasons, but a little rock back and forth hurt no one. Consider it the most tender cocoon in the world, where a plush pillow awaits just you. These are very similar to hanging egg chairs and you can find both types at affordable prices and choose from different models outdoor furniture sale offers.

What a difference a hammock makes

If you can’t go to the beach, you can bring the beach right into your yard. Or at the very least, you can evoke the feeling of enjoying yourself in some tropical paradise. Yes, perhaps a hammock can teleport your mind to seaside in an instant – and your body will follow. I suggest you choose a bold summer color, such as vibrant blue and make sure that you’re dealing with a sturdy construction and the rest is, well, lush life… Just put on some sunblock and enjoy snoozing in your hammock.

Beating gravity with utmost luxury

If you’re not into hammocks, partly because you can’t be bothered mounting them, and also because you want something more, but you are not able to put your finger on it yet, a hanging chaise lounger chair might ring a bell, like from a distant dream. Its zero gravity design saves you the trouble of having to mount it and you can place it wherever you want. It can really become a centerpiece in a garden that already has a sophisticated, sharp look. With this smart invention, beautiful sunny days are taken to a whole new dimension. Waterproof and sturdy, featuring a rounded shade overhead, for many summers to come, this chaise lounger chair will be your greatest ally.

Two dimes and a nickel make up a quarter

Two sofas and an ottoman that quickly turn into a bed is all you need to have a complete alfresco room! These wicker day beds prove that comfort can fully merge with functionality. After a fun afternoon with some close friends, with just a few simple moves, you will be able to completely relax in your outdoor bedroom. Also, a quality wicker day bed will feature elements that can stand up to the wicked natural elements. All you need to do is to ensure that you carefully and wisely inspect the materials and don’t let yourself get carried away by the short-lasting shine of low quality deals at an outdoor furniture sale.

There’s no reason not to turn your piece of land into a piece of paradise. Your body and soul want it, all that’s left is for your mind to join the team and invest in creating an outdoor, ever present therapy.