Using classic blue in your home improvement plans this year

classic blue

The color of the year is not as fun and daring as the colors of the previous two years. Rather, it’s a muted classic, as the name would suggest. It doesn’t make it any less exciting, though. Especially when you use it in smart ways, it can be a perfect accent color to your living area, or it can breathe new life to your bedroom.

Here are the many ways to design your home in 2020 with the color of the year in mind:

Paint the Walls

Classic blue might be a little dark at first glance, and your immediate concern is that it could make your space look smaller. However, a solid, dark color draws the eyes up, giving your room the illusion of height when paired with a light-colored ceiling. This can benefit hallways and spaces that you don’t want to look cloying or cramped.

Use Blue Curtains

Home renovation does not stop at painting the walls. You also need to work on parts of the house that need an upgrade, such as windows and walls. For windows, in particular, you have the option to go for a new window installation, or you could fix the weatherproofing on old windows if they are still intact. Then, finish off the look with a classic blue curtain. It’s a solid hue, but it’s a cool color, which will add to the luxurious and relaxing feel of your precious Salt Lake City house.

Replace Bulky Furniture

If one of your problems at home is the constricted space, tearing down walls or expanding a room is not the only answer. The same room can feel loads more spacious if you choose furniture pieces that are more appropriately sized. This means nothing too bulky if you have a small place to work with. This also means keeping the colors tight but allowing smaller pieces to shine through even if they don’t take up massive physical space. Use classic blue with bright green, orange, or light blue accents for that clever color blocking design.

Display Your Dinnerware

Plates can come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. They are not often seen as decorative, but they can be if they have hints of blue in them. You don’t need to buy an entirely new set of dinnerware to use them as a decorative feature, however. Do it if you already have them; otherwise, find other parts of the kitchen that already have the classic blue hue and draw the eyes to them through clever positioning.

Repaint Frames or Laundry Baskets

Incorporating the color of the year into your home design does not have to be expensive and labor-intensive. The simplest items and the smallest pieces of accessory can make all the difference. Say goodbye to your rose gold frames and give them a fresh coat of classic blue paint. Rearrange them a little bit to change the look of the room. You can also repaint drawers or door handles, bedframes, and even your laundry hampers. All these small changes cost as much as a can of spray paint, but they will all make the home look more cohesive.

Keeping up with design trends need not be expensive. Use the color of the year in small and easily swappable pieces, and you’ll be good to go.