What to look for in a window installer


When you go looking for Calgary windows, you want to find an installer who is knowledgeable, professional, and attentive to the smallest of details. Finding the right installer might require some looking, but it is well worth it. A poor windows installation can leave air leaks that reduce the effectiveness of the windows as a whole. To avoid this problem, make sure that you look for an installation team that has the qualities below.


When you look for the best professional team around, you are naturally expecting to find a group of installers that have a great deal of experience. This includes not only experience in window installations as a whole, but also in the different areas of your region. Even in places that are very similarly geographically, small differences can become much larger when you factor in the variables in a typical windows installation. Windows in Lethbridge and windows in Calgary may look extremely similar and definitely have a similar installation process, but somebody who has installed windows in both areas can account for things like extra street noise, glare from other buildings, and so on when preparing your installation.

Top Quality Products

Not all windows are created equally, and a high-quality professional windows installer can make sure that you have the very best materials put into your home. A good installer can analyze the structure of your house and tell you what kind of windows will provide you with the best combination of energy efficiency and durability possible. They can also walk you through the purchasing steps, telling you about the different products that you can choose from. Virtually every professional has a preferred window brand, and these are not always the most expensive one. Any installer that has pride in their job worries about quality first and payment second.

A Strong Reputation and Work Ethic

You can find out a lot about a professional windows installer by looking at their online reviews and asking around for opinions from their previous customers. When you do this, paying attention to the number of different reviews you can get is almost as important as how highly rated they are. One five-star review is nice, but ten is better. A large number of satisfied customers gives you enough of a sample size to determine that the company is indeed as good as it seems. While looking through reviews, pay special attention to those that mention an installer’s work ethic. Windows installations sometimes have unexpected twists and turns, and it is important to have somebody who will see you through to the end, no matter what.


When it comes to installing new windows, you only get once chance to make the right choice. Going with a skilled and experienced installer with high quality products and a reputation for working hard is the best way to make sure that this process goes well. If you find somebody who has all those features, you can found a true winner who will serve you well.

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