Why and when you need a bathroom exhaust fan


An exhaust fan is a mechanical device that helps to draw out excess moisture, humidity and odor from indoor to outdoor. To maintain a hygienic environment inside your bathroom you must need to install an exhaust fan.

In fact, in many areas installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom has been made obligatory by introducing it in the building code law.

If your bathroom has operating windows still installing a bathroom exhaust fan is considered as a good addition to any bathroom. Yes, there are many potential reasons behind this consideration and in this article, we will discuss those reasons.

Purpose of a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

When you will go through the purpose of bathroom exhaust fan you will realize why you need a bathroom exhaust fan. You will admit that having an exhaust fan in the bathroom is a must, not an option.

1. Lessening the Humidity Level

Uprising the level of humidity inside the bathroom is a very common phenomenon. The excessive humid can damage your bathroom by peeling the color of the paint and wallpaper. If the humid level remains high for a long time it may cause warping of the door of your bathroom.

The spores of the mold get a congenial environment to grow if the humid level retains high. So, I hope you have understood that there will be havoc if you do not take the necessary steps to reduce the humidity level.

And it is true that you will not find any better solution than to install an exhaust fan in your bathroom to lessen the humidity level.

2. Removing Bad Smells

Having bad smells in your bathroom means the existence of polluted air. Surely you will not enjoy spending time in an environment with a bad smell. And it is bad for your health too.

If there is a bad smell after you use the bathroom, you may feel embarrassed when the next person will enter into the bathroom. An exhaust fan removes the bad smell of the bathroom by venting out the interior air of the bathroom and consequently, the ventilation system becomes enabled to maintain a fresh and healthy bathroom environment.

3. Eliminate Foggy Mirror Syndrome

Have you ever noticed that after spending some time in the bathroom the mirror becomes foggy? It is because of entrapping a lot of moisture in the bathroom.

A bathroom exhaust fan helps to reduce the level of moisture and in this way, it eliminates the foggy mirror syndrome.

4. Decrease the Level of Airborne Contaminants

To clean the bathroom hard chemicals are used. Some elements of these chemicals may generate airborne contaminants.

If you or your kids or other family members inhale these airborne contaminants serious health issues may occur. An exhaust fan helps to decrease the level of airborne contaminants in your bathroom.

5. Preventing Mold Breeding

If you did not install any exhaust fan in your bathroom that means you have made your bathroom a good breeding place for molds and mildew.

An exhaust fan helps to eliminate the buildup of spores of molds in the air. Consequently, the growth rate of molds slows down.

6. Preventing Microorganism Breeding

Microorganisms like bacteria, virus and other germs find a bathroom a suitable place for breeding since bathroom. An exhaust fan helps to prevent the breeding of the microorganisms.

When to Run and Not to Run a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

  • You should run your bathroom fan during showering and keep it running for sometimes even after taking shower.
  • Some people think that the bathroom exhaust fan should be kept running for 24/7. It is a big mistake, it will cost you a high amount of electricity bill and it may also cause a serious accident because if you keep the fan running for 24/7 the motor of the fan will become hot and it may trigger a fire.

It may also push warm air out of the bathroom due to continuous running. So, never do the mistake of running your bathroom exhaust fan on a continual basis.

  • It is also not wise to run the bathroom fan during the winter season.


When we think about bathroom decoration all we give importance on the toilet, bathtub, bathroom curtain, and other shower accessories. The bathroom exhaust fan is a tiny device but of utmost importance because of the significant roles it plays.

To maintain a better atmosphere in your bathroom you should not neglect the necessity of installing a bathroom exhaust fan. At the same time, you should also learn how to maintain that bathroom exhaust fan.