The Most Common Electrical Repairs in the Home

Electrical issues can come up in any home, and while some problems will be more severe than others, they all need to be taken care of promptly by a professional electrician to prevent even bigger problems and potential safety hazards. Below are the most common electrical repairs you might have to make at your home.

All Your EICR Questions Answered

People often overlook the importance of electrical safety, yet each year electrical faults lead to 200,000 accidental household fires in the UK alone. Not only do electrical issues pose a threat to life, they can also lead to loss of property and personal items, as well as huge financial implications. Whether you’re a homeowner, landlord,

The dangers of faulty wiring in older rental properties

According to UK government statistics, faulty wiring in a property is in the top five causes of house fires. Where the fire was classed as electrical, 33% of those recorded were attributed to the appliances and cables, yet 51% were down to the supply. If your property is over 30 years old and the wiring

How to fix loose outlets

electrical outlet

Having loose outlets in the house is way too annoying. You cannot plug in stuff properly, and even if you manage to plugin successfully, unplugging is another challenge in itself. A loose outlet is not very good for the plates as they cause them to break. In worse cases, loose outlets can cause a safety

Tips from a TV antenna installation expert in Frankston

antenna installation

We all are highly television addicted people. Television has become an inseparable part of lives throughout the world. From news to entertainment to learning new things for education or household purpose, we are always tuning into some or the other channel of our televisions. Now, what if the services of the TV are disrupted merely

Why and when you need a bathroom exhaust fan


An exhaust fan is a mechanical device that helps to draw out excess moisture, humidity and odor from indoor to outdoor. To maintain a hygienic environment inside your bathroom you must need to install an exhaust fan. In fact, in many areas installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom has been made obligatory by introducing

The importance of mapping your home’s electrical system


Do you have a light switch in your home that doesn’t appear to actually do anything? Have you ever had to turn a circuit breaker on or off on your electrical panel, only to discover none of the breakers are labeled?  Do the breakers or fuses in your electrical panel trip often? If you answered

Simple steps to maintain your electrical appliances

electrical appliances

Electrical appliances are all around us today, and they serve us in almost every capacity of our lives. While most of our industries today conform to the ‘engineered obsolescence’ ideals, it is still possible to ensure that our appliances last as long as possible, through observing simple steps and tricks to keep them going. Maintaining